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remixa startup that is developing an open source web framework similar to Next.js, acquired by Shopify, the companies announced in a joint statement today. Financial terms were not disclosed, but in a blog MailMichael Jackson, CEO of Remix, said Remix will receive “long-term support and support” from Shopify that will allow it to “grow faster” and “increase its focus on performance and scalability.”

“You’ll see a lot [of the Remix framework] In the wild, it powers some of the largest commercial sites on the web,” Jackson said. “In addition, Shopify itself will be using Remix across many projects, and you can expect to see more of the Shopify developer platform including first-class support for Remix over time. “

Remix was co-founded by Jackson — a former Twitter engineer — and Ryan Florence in 2020. The two worked together for years creating open source tools around React, a JavaScript library for building application user interfaces, before deciding to launch the Remix framework of the same name.

One of the most famous projects of Jackson and Florence is React Router, a library for React, which has been downloaded nearly a billion times. Not coincidentally, Shopify originally used the architect Hydrogen’s React Router, the company’s front-end web development framework to build custom Shopify storefronts.

For Remix, it is an integrated web framework designed to take advantage of distributed systems and native browser features while stripping back server tasks. Compatible with public cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Netlify, Vercel, and Cloudflare Workers, one of Remix’s main features is prefetching – the framework can fetch web page elements in parallel, including buttons and forms, before clicking User a link to reduce page load.

Prior to acquiring Shopify, Remix raised $3 million in seed capital from OSS Capital and angel investors Naval Ravikant, Ram Shriram and Sahil Lavingia.

in Mail On the Shopify Engineering blog, Dion Almaer, VP of Engineering at Shopify, said the Remix purchase will benefit both Shopify developers and merchants with hydrogen improvements.

“Remix will continue to be an independent and open source framework,” Elmir said. “Remix will address the challenges that hydrogen-based developers have faced around data loading, routing, and error handling… Shopify will be using Remix across as many projects as this makes sense, and you can expect to see more of our developer platform using top-tier Remix support over time. .”

Remix is ​​Shopify’s first acquisition since then DeliverThe fulfillment technology provider that the e-commerce giant bought in May for $2.1 billion. Earlier in the year, Shopify hijacked Dovetail, which helps brands run influencer marketing campaigns. The company also recently invested in Single, a music and video app many businesses use on Shopify, following stock pledges in CMS Rational developer and marketing automation startup Clavio.

distance rocky Q2, There are signs that Shopify is starting to weather the economic downturn better. The company posted smaller-than-expected third-quarter losses last week, sending shares up 17%.

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