Sixers could fire Doc Rivers after slow start to the season



Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers is already on the hot seat after a tough start to the NBA season.

Doc Rivers
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The Philadelphia 76ers He had a near perfect vacation. Daryl Morey and James Harden They agreed to a new deal that gave them enough financial flexibility To boost their turnover, however they have failed to make a good impression so far.

naturally, Joel Embiid He missed some time on conditioning during the losing period, and new teams always took a while to go through that period of adjusting. But the Sixers were pretty bad.

With that in mind, Zack Lowe from ESPN I mentioned that Sixers can Looking forward to breaking up with Doc Rivers If things don’t improve soon, Morey and the organization are officially in “championship or bankruptcy” season.

NBA news: Sixers could part ways with Doc Rivers

“Doc Rivers, Bill Simmons say for weeks on podcast that Doc may be the first coach to be fired” Louie said “Sure, people are talking about it in the league ecosystem, but I don’t know how true that talk is and that’s Daryl Morey’s team. That’s it. [Houston] Missile reunion tour. This is ‘I’ve been waiting for my long lost love, James Harden.’ I waited and waited and put it back ‘that’s it. Such is the team and they have to be better than this. For me, the insult is good. We’ll see that’s where I give them time, it just takes time to get that snap. Start by trying to defend the transition because what’s on the ground right now is embarrassing.”

Six players tired of the rivers last season

This is not surprising at all. If anything, multiple reports from last season said Rivers had already lost his locker room. He constantly invites his players into public places, but refuses to make obvious adjustments that have cost him his entire career:

“A few weeks ago I got a good look at the players side of what’s going on with Team 76, although I don’t know anyone in Morey’s management. I hear guys don’t feel like a doctor,” Sixers insider reported Wosney Lambre. And his rotation, his philosophy, what he does, guys don’t feel like it…the 76ers in L.A. last week…and I ran into someone close to the team. I’m like, ‘Sorry, but I can’ you guys chose to go to the finals this year. His response somewhat surprised me, “Neither am I.”

Rivers has spent a long time borrowing already, and some believe he still lives on it 2008 NBA Championship. He made his living taking hits in the playoffs, and this might also be his last shot to prove his worth as a coach.

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