South Africa: Limpopo province now reports two measles outbreaks


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in Follow up on the measles outbreak Situation in Limpopo Province, South Africa The National Institute of Infectious Diseases reports that Limpopo Province now has two districts affected by the measles outbreak, Greater Sejokhon and Mopane, as of November 3.

The laboratory-confirmed measles cases in the Greater Sejojon region increased to 16 and in the Mopani region to 7.

The laboratory confirmed that measles cases in the Mopani district were in Greater Gianni and Pa-Palaborwa. There was an epidemiological association between two laboratory-confirmed measles in Greater Sejojon and three in Mopani.

Laboratory-confirmed measles infection was identified in 13 males and 10 females aged 6 months to 24 years in the greater Sejokhon region, and from 2 to 42 years old in the Mopani region. Combined in both regions, 20 (87%) of the 23 measles cases were under 15 years of age. No deaths or other complications from measles were reported after two children were admitted with the virus and discharged from hospital. Two children with measles were not vaccinated, three children were fully vaccinated with two doses of measles, and the history of measles vaccination for eleven was not known in the greater Sejojon. All seven measles cases in Mopani County had an unknown history.

Affected areas are continuing the public health response, tracing laboratory-confirmed measles cases and vaccinating their contacts. The measles vaccination compensation dose is given in health facilities to children who have missed the measles vaccination to increase immunity in the communities.

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