Spain reports first H5N1 avian influenza case: Media report


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Spain has detected the first human infection with the H5N1 bird flu virus. This is a worker on a poultry farm in the province of Guadalajara, where there was an epicenter of bird flu, According to a report by

Photo / Robert Hermann

Sources from the Ministry of Health say that this worker tested positive for bird flu, although they confirmed that he did not show symptoms at all times, and that, in addition, the rest of his farm colleagues had tested negative. executed.

This will be the first case of bird flu in humans in Spain and the second in Europe, after the United Kingdom detected another case in December 2021.

The man is a worker on a poultry farm in Fontanar, where the Ministry of Agriculture detected an outbreak of bird flu that forced 601,000 laying hens on the farm.

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the most likely way to introduce the virus into the farm was through contact with wild birds, given the continued spread of the virus among these birds during the summer despite the high temperatures.

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