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F . station, the iconic startup campus in Paris, is completely revamping the founders program to turn it into an accelerator programme. Founders who decide to join the accelerator program will get many different benefits. They will also have to hand over a 1% stake in the stock to Station F.

“We are changing the main program of Station F. Everything changes except for the name,” said Roxanne Varza, director of Station F.

With the Founders Program, Station F is looking for entrepreneurs Just start. Even if these teams do not necessarily find a suitable product for the market, they can apply to join the program.

Of course, the first thing these startups get when they join the Founders Program is some office space at Station F. Then they start with an intensive 6-week program with workshops and classes. For example, they will learn how to build a startup team and fit into a product market.

After that, startups get another six weeks to iterate and implement. They are ahead of everyone after this initial stage. After that, the startups stay at Station F for another 12 months. They offer to start up again at the end of the program.

The New Founders Program lasts a total of 15 months, which is much longer than the original Founders Program. “With short programs, startups want to survive and we spend a lot of time on changes and logistics,” Varza said.

In order to stay focused on these startups, Station F is actually downsizing the Founders Program. Station F can accept up to 200 startups through the legacy Founders Program. It now aims to accept 25 startups into the Founders Program in two payments per year.

Station F attempts to match every startup with an advisor who is very practical. For example, some of the advisors include the founders of Alan, Swile, and The Sandbox. Station F recommends that startups incentivize the advisor by adding it to the ceiling schedule. It can vary depending on the advisor but Station F recommends a minimum of 0.2% equity.

The startup pool is already managing the first batch with 21 different companies. These companies focus on four sectors – Web 3, Fintech, Influence, and the Creative Economy. The sectors will change in future batches.

And yes, Station F will achieve stakes in those startups for the first time. “At first, we want to stay friendly with the founder. Some people tell us it’s not too much, others say it’s too much.”

But Terminal F isn’t here to get 50% equity. We just want to prove that we have a good character in the game and that we will stay engaged.”

Station F relies a lot on personal recommendations from other people in the technology ecosystem. The in-house team then screens the applications to select some startups. Applications for the next batch will begin towards the end of November.

There is, too Other programs On campus as well as partnerships with other companies so that they can run their own program at Station F. All other programs remain unchanged.

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