Steelers move on from Mitch Trubisky to a QB with a worse rating



The Steelers couldn’t find a better replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. Although they chose Mitch Trubisky as their QB starter for the 2022 NFL season, they moved on from him quickly, but to a player with a worse rating than him.

Mitch Trubisky - Pittsburgh Steelers/NFL 2022
© Justin K. Aller / Getty ImagesMitch Trubisky – Pittsburgh Steelers/NFL 2022

Ben Roethlisberger Leave plenty of room to fill in Pittsburgh. distance Steelers the name of the thing Mitch Trubesky as their start quarterback to 2022 NFL seasonLooks like they’re passing him on to a player with a worse rating than him.

After Big Ben announced his retirement, everyone was in Pittsburgh He was afraid of what would happen next. The team had not prepared for a proper midfield transition, so they had to go to the market to find one.

That’s when they got it Mitch Trubeskywho had a difficult time in Chicago Bears. He wasn’t sure if he’d start with the Steelers and now they’ve moved on from him to the new quarterback for the rest of the season.

Report: Mitch Trubisky won’t be the midfielder Steelers started for the fifth week

The Steelers You are having a hard time in the beginning 2022 NFL season. Mitch Trubesky It didn’t work and coach Mike Tomlin’s patience ran out.

“I thought we needed a spark, man.” Mike Tomlin said of Kenny Beckett’s appearance last Sunday. “We didn’t do much in the first half, it wasn’t attacking enough, and I thought he could give us a spark.”

Kenny Beckett The last shots were played against the New York Jets, but the QB rating was worse than Mitch Trubisky. The non-veteran It was Three passes intecepted to 28.4 Quarterlywhile the former Bears player, after four matches, earned an A 34 Quarterly.

Although he had a hard time against the planes, Kenny Beckett He is set to be the starting quarterback for The fifth week When Steelers Confrontation Invoices. It will not be an easy match for him because he will be playing against a great defense like Buffalo’s.

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