Step-by-step guide to locate your seats for each FIFA World Cup game


Qatar 2022

In less than a month, 32 teams will be competing for the FIFA World Cup and there are amazing matches on the way so here’s a step-by-step guide for fans to decide their seats in every match.

A Colombian fan with Russia 2018 tickets for the Poland vs Colombia match.
© Alex Livesey / Getty ImagesA Colombian fan with Russia 2018 tickets for the Poland vs Colombia match.

Qatar 2022 So close and the attendees are already making their bags to live a great experience. There are many doubts about how to locate Seats for every world Cup game, so here is a file step by step guide To know where you will be Enjoying the sediments on the field.

Approximately 1.7 million fans are expected to visit the host country the next day world Cup. Most of them have a ticket In at least one match in the tournament and of course there are those who will go to more matches.

Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding tickets and how Find your seat in the games. here is full step by step guide To know your location accurately and not miss a minute of searching for it.

A step-by-step guide to determining your seats for every match in Qatar 2022

Almost all tickets It’s already sold out and fans are very excited to see what happens Qatar 2022. But there is no clear information about Seat selection and people They are having a hard time finding exactly where they need to go.

here is full step by step guide To determine your seats in every upcoming FIFA World Cup match.

Step 1: Open your account

The first step is to open your account. You can do this via click here. In the upper right corner there is an icon to log in. It will redirect you to a page where you need to put your credentials (it should look like the image above).

Step 2: Find your tickets

Of course all fans know what games they’ll be attending, but it’s important to be crystal clear. On the same page you are logged into, in the same upper right corner it says “Buy tickets”. Click there.

Then another page appears (like the page above) where it says “Get your tickets”. Again, tap there and scroll down where it says “International Fans” or “Qatar residents” And click on one of those (the image below), whatever your status is.

You will then be redirected to FIFA Ticket Access Queue. The page needs to put a Captcha and then you will be able to enter your ticket information (image below).

Step 3: Confirm your tickets

Once you enter your credentials, each file will appear Games you bought tickets for. Unfortunately, once you see the information, this page does not reveal your location in the stadiums (photo below).

This step may be unnecessary, but it is not. As said before, fans already know which games they are going to, but it is very important to check them out in the next step.

Step 4: Go to Game Info

there A link for each game gives you your exact location. This page is really useful because it shows a mini map where fans can see files Seats Without confusion in the stadiums (photos below).

It is very important to Sign in before clicking on any of those games In this way The link will grab your information To see which tickets you have purchased. you should be Log in to another page of the same browser So FIFA can take your credentials and see your seats.

here is a file The full list of each of the games. Could you Click any of these (If you’ve bought match tickets, of course) and see what area you’re in.

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