Stephen A. Smith rips LeBron James over passive-aggressive comments on Westbrook



Stephen A. Smith LeBron James is in an explosive situation due to his comments on Russell Westbrook. Check out what he had to say about the Lakers star.

LeBron James
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesLeBron James

As much as he was always on the field, LeBron James I also gained a complicated reputation from him. haters Call it Legm On how his teammates traded, and he has track record of Aggressive negative comments throughout his career.

mosques He often threw darts at his teammates, coaches, and executives. This often resulted in major overhauls of the roster and, in some cases, leaving the franchise once his contract expired.

That’s why the media is always trying to get a piece of his mind when his team isn’t doing well. However, it seems so He’s not ready to throw Russell Westbrook under the bus Despite his poor performance at the beginning of the season.

NBA news: LeBron James says he won’t turn down Russell Westbrook

“I don’t know. I feel like this is an interview trying to get me ready to say something,” James said. “I can tell you guys that they are of the entire Russell Westbrook class right now. I don’t like to lose. I hate losing anything – I don’t care what happens over the course of the season, in my career I hate losing, especially the way we played this game. But give credit to Portland. You guys talk about Ross and all the things you guys want to try to talk about, but I’m not here just to do that.”

Stephen A. Smith invites LeBron out for his comments

However, this is not enough Stephen A. Smith from ESPN. The controversial expert criticized King for not taking responsibility for this story, because he knew very well what he was doing when he talked about the team:

“Brother LeBron James…don’t think you’re so smart that you can navigate through this,” Smith said the first take. ‘We, talking about the media that prepared you to get to Russell Westbrook: No, brother. I did. I opened tonight when I said ‘We’re not a team of shooters.’ I knew very well who everyone was going to look at, and I said it anyway. That you own it, brother.”

To be fair, Smith has a valid point there. This is a LeBron James classic. Was he really expecting the media to ignore the fact that he wanted more shots in the team? He should have known better than that. He knows better than that.

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