Stephen Curry knows what the Warriors need to fix after 3-4 start



The start of the 2022-23 NBA season was more complicated than expected for the current champions. After the Pistons lost, Stephen Curry addressed what the Warriors needed to improve.

Stephen Curry.
© Christian Petersen / Getty ImagesStephen Curry.

The 2021-22 NBA Championship It was definitely special for the WarriorsWho returned to glory days after four years. Although the title is still fresh in memory, Dubs no longer enjoy it as much as they did a few weeks ago.

Not only did they have a big problem in the locker room when Draymond Green punched Jordan PaulBut their latest performance wasn’t great either. The new season has started and Golden State He must wake up.

Steve CareHis men are in a series of successive defeats after receiving their defeats in front of Hornets and the pistons, which surprised many. Dubs are clearly not happy with this situation, but Stephen Curry knows what’s wrong.

Stephen Curry wants the Warriors to be more aggressive

“It’s communication,” Postgame, Curry said, via Vanishing world. “Understanding what we are trying to do in terms of making teams uncomfortable I think we should be more aggressive. Be the first to hit instead of responding to what everyone else is doing.

There must be a sense and an understanding of thatI think Draymond talked about it in the locker room, this Every team comes after us with the best effort. We are the defending champions,” Carrie continued.

“So he continues, being the first to attack and Set the Warrior defensive tone – tournament-level basketball – at that end of the floor we didn’t do it consistently enough to give us a chance to win games like tonight. “

Playing against champions is usually an added incentive for most teams. At the moment, facing the Warriors seems to be the best measuring tool in the league. For Steph, Dubs can overcome that by taking more aggressive approach.

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