Steve Kerr gets brutally honest on Kyrie Irving’s antisemitic comments



Steve Kerr is probably the most respected voice in the NBA on social, cultural and political issues. Now, the Warriors coach has gotten so candid about Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitic comments that it shocked everyone.

Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors, left), Kyrie Irving (Proline Nets, right) - NBA 2022
© Takashi Aoyama – Dustin Satloff / Getty ImagesSteve Kerr (Golden State Warriors, left), Kyrie Irving (Proline Nets, right) – NBA 2022

Keri Irving Probably one of the most controversial players in NBA Immediately. at recent days , Brooklyn Nets star Posted some Antisemitic comments who – which Steve CareAnd the Golden State Warriors coachAnd the unacceptable with brutal honesty.

Nets Point Guard He’s been brought into the spotlight in the past couple of years, but not exactly because of what he did in court. Unfortunately, he has Wasn’t able to live up to expectations With Brooklyn and failed to succeed since arriving in 2019.

On the other side full Steve Care. Golden State Warriors coach He doesn’t like arguing, but whenever there is a social, cultural or political issue, he addresses it. Unfortunately Keri IrvingI have received Rough Comments by CARE regarding it Anti-Semitic thoughts.

Steve Kerr headline Keri Irving’s anti-Semitic comments with brutal honesty

Everyone follows the Warriors press conferences after a Non-NBA issue Come. It is known that Steve Kerr’s voice is always heard If something happens out of court thanks to his knowledge of politics, society and cultural topics.

Now, it’s Kyrie Irving’s turn to receive Steve Kerr’s comments. Nets Point Guard recently tweeted a link to 2018 movie Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black AmericaDirected by Ronald Dalton Jr.. This movie is about a The secret gang of the Jewish people that controls the world community and that the Holocaust did not happen. Of course, he was highly judged for that.

“Words matter. Words really matter” Kerr said of Irving’s tweet. “In modern society with Social mediathe way things can be sort of all over the world exponentially and Get 1 million hits instantly, every comment countsEverything you say matters.”

despite of Irving did not apologize on his words, and Nets fix the problem Immediately. Brooklyn Announced November 3 suspension point guard at least Five matchesThese are the days when he does not receive his salary.

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