Supercomputer predicts shocking 2022-23 final table standings for Chelsea and Arsenal


Premier League

Data has been provided on who the predictive supercomputer is expected to win the 2022-2023 Premier League, and some interesting results have been found. Here, check it out!

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The 2022-23 Premier League season We started in August, and three months later, we saw amazing goals and surprising results. However, surprises are rare in European football, and the main contenders often vie for the title at the season finale.

Manchester He will defend his title this season and try to win the seventh English Premier League title in its history. Arsenal, hitherto an obscure contender, has unexpectedly emerged as the team to beat as of November.

on the other side, Liverpool He’ll want to build on their previous table standings, having finished their last class in second place. This year, they have been struggling to find their level, recording four wins, four draws and four defeats so far. In addition to, Manchester United And the Chelsea He will be looking to recover after a slow start to the season.

The supercomputer is making strange predictions about the 6 best predictions for the English Premier League

ready for 15 round In the English Premier League, the beloved supercomputer is back here with some interesting accounts. This weekend, Manchester City host Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal face each other, Manchester United travel to Aston to face Aston Villa, and Tottenham and Liverpool meet the 15th round.

You will put three more points Eric Ten Hagside or Graham PotterThe team players are in the top four, so that will definitely be the goal for both teams. In addition, a supercomputer algorithm has now predicted which club might end up in the Premier League.

The experts at FiveThirtyEight They put their money on Manchester City to finish the season It leads the English Premier League with 88 points, claiming the third league title in a row. Arsenal’s pleasant surprise for this term is expected to end Second with 77 points.

In addition, they currently believe that Manchester United will finish the 2022-23 season in third placeWith a total of 69 points, one point ahead of Liverpool in fourth place. FiveThirtyEight They support Tottenham and Chelsea to finish the 2022-2023 Premier League in Fifth and Sixth Place, Straight.

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