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Who is the villain in Black Panther 2?

MoviesBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in cinemas on November 11, 2022. While many people would like to know who the new Black Panther will be, there is a similar curiosity surrounding the film's new villain. byNatalia

When is the movie coming to streaming?

Movies"Black Adam" is expected to be one of the biggest movies of the last quarter of 2022. Here, check out when the movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Noah Centineo will be available for streaming.byNatalia LoboOct 02, 2022, 04:31 PM EDT

When and where it will be available to stream

MoviesAs Halloween approaches, many viewers are drawn to horror movies. "Smile" is the latest version, here you can see when and where it will be available for streaming. byNatalia LoboOctober 02, 2022, 3:06pm EST October 02, 2022,

All about Marvel’s upcoming movie

MoviesArmor Wars was originally meant to be a series, like most recent Marvel Studios projects, but it seems there was a last-minute twist and it became a movie. So we'll have Rhodey for a while and we'll even see how Iron Man is alluded…

Possible release date, cast and plot

MoviesThe Society movie has finally happened and this will fulfill the prophecy of the popular comedy show. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the project, such as its possible release date, cast, and plot.byAriadna