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When is the sequel likely to be released?

MoviesBlack Adam had a lot of mixed reviews, but success didn't take long, especially after seeing how he related to the rest of DC's characters. Here, check out when the sequel arrives and more.byAriadna PinheiroNovember 05, 2022 03:18

Cast, release date and plot

Susan Collins' the new AdaptationAnd the song of songbirds and snakes, closer than ever. On June 5, Lionsgate released the first teaser trailer for its music that brings us back to origins From Katniss Everdeen. Pre-production of this…

Where to watch all movies online?

MoviesThe magical world is in mourning. Fantastic Beasts was canceled after three films and fans were not at all happy. Here, check out what you can do to watch all of the Harry Potter prequels via livestream.byAriadna PinheiroNovember

When is the sequel coming to Disney+?

MoviesDisenchanted is one of Disney's most awaited series, just like Hocus Pocus 2. Now, 15 years after its release, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are back to continue Giselle and Robert's love story. Here, check if the movie has reached…

All about the Russo brothers’ new movie

MoviesAfter all the drama with the remake of The Little Mermaid, it's time for another Disney classic to get its own live-action version: Hercules. The film will be brought to us by the famous Russo brothers and director Guy Ritchie.…

Release date, cast and plot of the remake

MoviesThe Crow has become a cult story since its release in 1994 and after the tragic death of Brandon Lee. It's time for the movie to rise from the ashes and return with a new version starring Bill Skarsgård and director Rupert Sanders.…