Taiwan ambassador: Beijing is ‘manufacturing’ the crisis, China has prepared invasion force ‘for some time’


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The island nation’s ambassador said China tried to manufacture a crisis from US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

The truth is… in Congress Taiwan visits This has been going on for decades, and it has not prevented China and the United States from having discussions on topics of common interests, Hsiao Bi-Kim, Taiwan’s representative to the United States, said during an interview with Face the Nation.

“I agree with some US White House statements and other analyzes that the Beijing government is trying to manufacture a crisis because of a practice that has been going on for decades, and they are using that as an excuse.”

Pelosi led a congressional delegation to the island last week in Direct opposition to Chinese demands The United States aborted the meeting. She praised Taiwan’s “democratic values” and “autonomy” and assured Al Jazeera that the United States would maintain common security interests in the region.

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Then China on August 5 It announced that it would suspend all planned discussions with the United States on major issues in response to Pelosi’s visit last week, which Beijing has repeatedly insisted was a provocation.

Officials had planned to meet and discuss topics including climate change, drug networks and military action.

Hsiao Pei Khim, a deputy from Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, speaks during an interview in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 19, 2016.
(Reuters/Tyron Seo)

“The cancellation also sent a clear signal to the United States that the Chinese side will never accept that the United States seriously damages Sino-US relations without incurring any consequences.” American studies scholar Lu Xiang said From the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Chinese officials said Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan violates the “one China” policy and would constitute aiding an illegal insurgency.

Chinese Sanctions House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi during a visit to Taiwan

The former editor of the Global Times, a news outlet backed by the ruling party, even went so far as to suggest that the spokesman’s plane be shot down if fighter jets escorted it to Taiwan.

But Hsiao stressed that China’s behavior is nothing new, even if its latest behavior seems unprecedented: Beijing has deployed its military — including 63 aircraft and 13 warships — to conduct air and sea maneuvers around Taiwan, and in some cases across the Taiwan Strait.

“Indeed, China’s behavior is unprecedented in scope and action,” she said. “Looks like they’ve been preparing for this for some time – before House Speaker Pelosi decided to visit Taiwan.”

“China has been building its military capabilities rapidly in recent years, and what it is doing through these exercises could jeopardize some of the most important air and sea trade routes,” Hsiao said. “I think they will also jeopardize China’s interests in a stable environment in which trade and commerce can operate,” he added.

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Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley defended Pelosi’s trip even as some criticized it Escalation of tensions with Beijingsaying the spokesman “was right to go to Taiwan.”

“China is trying to bully us, the same way they’re trying to bully their own people. And we shouldn’t,” Hailey said during an interview with “Fox News Sunday”, adding that Beijing’s reaction was reached the point of “tantrum” From Chinese President Xi Jinping.


“President Xi wants to show his strength, so he is bullying Taiwan,” she said. “He’s trying to pretend there’s going to be a war, he’s trying to scare them. America should never respond with fear. We should always focus on preventing wars.”

Fox News’ Ron Pletzer and Timothy H.G. Norouzi contributed to this report.

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