Taiwan reports 2 local monkeypox cases in Hsinchu County and Kaohsiung City


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Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday announced the sixth and seventh confirmed cases of monkeypox, a man in his 40s in the north and a man in his 20s in the south. They live in Hsinchu Province and Kaohsiung City, respectively.

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They developed fever, papules, and pustules in late February. Swollen lymph nodes, tongue sores, and other symptoms have been physician evaluated, tested, and reported. She was confirmed positive on February 26 and 27, respectively.

Taiwan has reported its fifth case of monkeypox

The two cases had no recent history of foreign travel and were identified as domestic cases. They are currently being treated in isolation in the hospital. A total of 25 related contacts were included after epidemic investigation, and they underwent health education and self-health monitoring for 21 days.

The CDC clarified that my country had listed monkeypox as a legal Class II infectious disease on June 23 last year. As of today, a total of 47 suspected cases have been reported, of which 2 are domestic and 5 are imported (the affected countries are 1 case in Germany, 3 cases in the United States, and 1 case in Austria), and the remaining 40 cases have been excluded.

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