Target Enzo Copetti sent threats after Racing loses title



The 26-year-old striker is a rumored target for Charlotte FC, with critics in Argentina now saying the move could happen given the tense situation between the player and fans.

Enzo Kobeti
© Photo by Marcello Indelli/Getty ImagesEnzo Kobeti

Just 1 week ago Enzo Kobeti was a hero to Racing loversHe was one of the best players in the tournament and at times carried the team on his back to the eventual second place in the league.

That all changed last Sunday when the striker missed a crucial penalty kick against him River Plate Who gave Boca Juniors Argentine League title. Kobeti scored 11 goals in 25 matches to bring a great end to Racing. Kobeti also made the fundamental mistake when he said the race would be champion.

After fans approached Kobeti and criticized him for the missed penalty. Later signs were placed near the stadium and near the training facilities stating that Copetti was mistaken for the tournament he lost. Copetti took to Instagram and uploaded a story stating, “You do a thousand things right and no one says anything, I’m doing something wrong and I’m the worst person in the world.”

Enzo Cubate to Charlotte?

The backlash to that story was a banner put up in race practice Thursday morning claiming Copetti was ‘Big mouth’ not ‘take responsibility’. Fans on social media threatened Copetti with physical harm. Amid the tense situation, racing critics have stated that the club may accept the sale of Kobe so as not to continue the harsh treatment of the player.

It was reported in early October by TyC Sports that Charlotte Submit a request to Racing to rate the player for a potential bid. Racing president Victor Blanco has stated that until the season is over, the club will not be reviewing any offers.

Looking at the situation, the player is rumored to be worth between $7 and $10 million. Some sort of MLS exchange may take place since it has been reported that former Racing and current New England Revolution forward Gustavo Poe is on a short list of potential boosters for racing next season. The revolution will be willing to listen to Bo offers.

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