Taxes paid by overnight visitors reinvested in North Lake Tahoe


Transit occupancy tax and tourism business improvement district revenues exceed $5 million

North Lake Tahoe, California – from workforce housing And for free Regional transportation Tracing programs, recreation and tourism mitigation projects, and money generated by businesses and visitors in North Lake Tahoe, contributed to efforts to improve regional stewardship efforts and economic vitality in 2022. In all, more than $5 million in transit occupancy tax (TOT) and tourism businesses recommended Local committees reinvested TBID revenues into the community last year.

“Taking advantage of revenue from both TOT and TBID has opened up new opportunities for our community in 2022. Funds have been used to support projects and programs that help provide solutions related to workforce housing and transportation, and assist local businesses as our region shifts toward a stewardship approach to management,” said Tony Karofsky, President. and Executive Director of the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.”Looking to the future, our Board of Directors and volunteer committees are looking for more projects and programs to support with TOT and TBID funds that will contribute to the vitality of the business community and our region.”


Funds generated by TBID assessments are managed by NLTRA with oversight from the NLTRA Board of Directors and corresponding committees, made up of representatives from the companies assessed. Annual TBID proceeds should be used for responsible travel and stewardship education, including efforts to offset tourism impacts, boost the economy year-round, and support local businesses. Examples of project categories that can be funded with TBID dollars include economic development, events, transportation, sustainability, business support and advocacy, and visitor services.

The money generated by visitors staying overnight (pass-through occupancy tax) is managed by Placer County. The Capital Projects Advisory Committee (CAP), brought together by NLTRA and Placer County, is making recommendations to the Placer County Board of Supervisors to use the additional 2% TOT created in eastern Placer County to contribute to projects and quality of life services such as workforce housing, traffic reduction initiatives transportation, trails and bike paths, and more. The newly formed Coaches Training Committee, which is overseen by NLTRA, will recommend additional coach-of-coaches funds to the Placer County Board of Supervisors for workforce housing and transportation projects and programs.

The following are some of the major projects funded in 2022:

Major projects supported by TBID
In its first year, projects requesting TBID funding have been supported by more than $750,000, including:

  • 2023 local events that bring the character and spirit of our communities to residents and visitors
  • Sponsorship of 2023 events that occur primarily during off-peak times of the year and contribute to the region’s economy throughout the year
  • Fund annual operating contracts for the North Tahoe Business Association and the Downtown Tahoe Association to support the local business community
  • Downtown lighting programs in Tahoe City and Kings Beach
  • Drone light appears in Kings Beach and Tahoe City over Labor Day weekend
  • Ambassador funding to enhance stewardship and responsible travel charters for visitors during peak periods at parks and trails
  • Ongoing marketing to support travel education efforts and responsible stewardship

Key initiatives supported by training of trainers

In 2022, more than $4 million will be allocated to projects that are consistent with the North Lake Tahoe Tourism Master Plan’s Quality of Life initiatives and recommended by the NLTRA Board of Directors or CAP Committee, namely:

  • Continuation of the free, on-demand microtransit service offered year-round through TART Connect.
  • Funding for a new Lease to Locals program that incentivizes vacation home owners to lease them long-term to a local workforce in North Lake Tahoe.
  • Support pre-development efforts related to the proposed Dollar Creek workforce housing project.
  • Trail and Recreation Funding Including Martis Valley Trail, Waddle Ranch Trail Loop, Resort Triangle Trails, Tahoe Cross Country Lodge Maturity Process, Donner Summit Recreation Plan, Van Norden Meadow Restreation Project, Tahoe City Gateway Trail, North Tahoe Regional Park Tennis, Pickleball Reconstruction Project, and the Tahoe Vista Entertainment District Marina Boardwalk and Scenic Views Improvement Project, the Sequoia Trail.
  • Tourism mitigation initiatives including funding to purchase a reversible message sign in the Tahoe city utility district and solar trash compactors.

The grant framework has been approved by the NLTRA Board of Directors for its committees to competently consider, recommend, and award TOT and TBID funds, and will be presented at the Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting on January 24, 2023. The framework will be used to evaluate projects and programs seeking funding in areas such as To name a few: workforce housing, transportation, business advocacy and support, and tourism mitigation.

Learn more about TOT and TBID funding and the projects they each support at

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