Taylor Swift’s Midnights album release: Funniest memes and reactions


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Taylor Swift has released her tenth studio album, Midnights, and fans are going crazy. After several weeks of secrecy, all the great tunes are finally available. Here, check out the best and funniest memes and reactions.

Taylor Swift behind the scenes in the movie Anti-hero.
© Tweet embedTaylor Swift behind the scenes in the movie Anti-hero.

Taylor Swift Back on track after launch midnightten and Latest studio sound. Not only did it reach number one in the top industry charts, such as iTunes, but it also surpassed itself after its release Midnight (3 a.m. version). That’s right, the deluxe version has overtaken the original and is currently at number one and two globally.

“Midnight is a set of sharpness, ups and downs, tides and tides. Life can be dark, starry, cloudy, frightening, exciting, hot, cold, romantic, or lonely. Like midnight”said the writer herself, and at the same time confirmed that she poured out all the horror that defined different nights of her life in which she was fighting insomnia with music.

Dreams, nightmares, and multiple fantasies mark the debut of the new album and fans have been eagerly awaiting the moment since the pop singer announced its release. Well, the moment has come, here it is The funniest reactionsalong with the best memes:

Midnight Edition: The funniest memes and reactions

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