Texas: Rabid cow in Cooke County, 5 people exposed


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The Sheriff’s Office in Cook County, Texas announced that the cow has tested positive rabies in Cook County.

Image/L0nd0ner via pixabay

According to Release Sheriff Ray Sappington, the 10-year-old unneutered cow fell ill, and her owners thought she was choking or had other breathing problems. The owners, two additional assistants, and a veterinarian were later exposed to the animal’s saliva in an attempt to save the cow.

The cow succumbed to rabies and was sent to the state for rabies testing.

The five people who were exposed were and are still receiving treatment for their exposure to rabies.

More than thirty cows in the herd have been isolated and vaccinated.

Further testing is carried out, but at this time it is believed that the cow was exposed to a rabid skunk that transmits the disease.

The livestock owner, veterinarian, state authorities and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office are working together to ensure this incident continues to be contained. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office encourages all animal owners to vaccinate their pets and livestock to help combat the spread of this disease.

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