The 5 Best Mops For Apartments


“The key to keeping apartment floors clean is to find a handy, easy-to-store mop that makes quick cleaning easy and effortless and then perform daily touch ups as needed,” according to Angela BrownHost YouTube channel And the audio notation Ask the house cleaner. Aside from being convenient to use and store, the best mops for apartments will also be suitable for the type of flooring you have in your home.


Angela Brown he is a host YouTube channel And the audio notation Ask the house cleaner. She is also an author How to start your own house cleaning company and founder and creator of the Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification Program, which draws on more than 25 years of experience in the field.

What to look for in mops for apartments

First, think about what type of floor you should narrow down your mop options. “The challenge in choosing the right doormat for an apartment is that apartments have different types of flooring but smaller sizes than a full-sized home,” Brown explains. Plus, since many apartments are tight on storage space, “it might not make sense to have a dust mop, wet mop, and steam mop,” according to Brown. Fortunately, many mops are suitable for cleaning multiple floor surfaces, which means you can reduce the number of mops you have and maximize available storage space.

You will also need to think about the type of mop you want to use, which ultimately relates to your cleaning preferences as well as floor surfaces.

  • flat mop Lightweight and versatile cleaning light around the home. They can often be used either wet or dry, making them a great choice for tasks like Wipe up spills and pick up dust around the house. You can find reusable versions Mop heads (or pads) or disposable heads, depending on your preference. Similar to the basic flat mop, a spray mop The cleaning solution will dispense, usually at the push of a button, over the floors for you.
  • If you want to deep clean floors without chemicals, consider choosing steam mop. When filled with water, this type of mop produces hot steam to clean dirt from — and eliminate bacteria lingering on floor surfaces. Most steam mops come with reusable mop pads, and some also include accessories that you can use to clean upholstery, windows, work surfaces, or non-wrinkled clothes. While steam mops often Safe for tile, linoleum and vinyl floorsThere are also models that you can use on other surfaces. Just be sure to consider the manufacturer’s manual beforehand – and in any case, avoid using a steam mop on unsealed hard floors. It can be damaged by moisture.
  • Usually, you will need to vacuum before wiping. But if you’re looking for a mop that can handle debris well, too, a Mop and Vacuum Combo The cleaning process can be simplified in one easy step.

One wiper for to avoid Use in an apartment, according to Brown? “I recommend staying away from mop systems that include a mop with a mop bucket that you have to fill and empty,” she explains. The mop bucket causes a lot of inconvenience.

Shop the best mops for apartments

In a hurry? Here are the best mops for apartments:

  1. Microfiber flat mop works with most hard floors: the master. Sega Professional Microfiber Mop
  2. Fans’ favorite mop with over 61,000 reviews: Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 mop
  3. Best spray mop with reusable pads: O-Cedar ProMist MAX . Microfiber Spray Mop
  4. The Expert recommended steam mop: Steam Mop LIGHT ‘N’ EASY
  5. Best mop/vacuum cleaner for apartments Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Mop

With all this in mind, below you’ll find five of the best apartment mops, all of which can be found on Amazon.

1. Microfiber flat mop works with most hard floors


  • Designed for use on most types of hard floors
  • Microfiber pads are machine washable


  • The clamp can be flimsy, according to some reviewers

Suitable for most hard surfaces, this Microfiber mop It comes with three machine washable microfiber pads that attach to the mop head and can be used wet or dry. The mop head provides 360-degree rotation, allowing you to reach under furniture and in tight corners. In addition, the stainless steel handle is telescopic and can extend It measures 59 inches long. The mop also comes with a tool to scrape excess debris off the microfiber pad before putting it in the wash.

Positive review from Amazon: “I thought I would have to spend hours cleaning wall-to-wall laminate floors. It’s in every room in my apartment. I didn’t do it for longer than you needed because I was afraid of it. I bought this and used it with vinegar in water. It was amazing how fast it cleaned.” For floor with one mop head only.Finished,let it dry,toss the mop cover into the wash,and [hung] Delicate mop on new mop hangers in the closet. I am old and have arthritis. It was so easy! “

mop type: wiper | Best for: Hardwood, laminate, marble, tile, vinyl | Best use: wet or dry

Also available at: Walmart$29

2. The fan-favorite mop with over 61,000 reviews


  • It has over 60,000 ratings on Amazon
  • Comes with 20 disposable mop pads to get you started


  • Different pads are required for wet or dry wiping

Popular choice, this Swiffer sweeper mop It collected over 61,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars – plus it’s been approved by Brown. Brown describes this mop as “easy to use and easy to store,” adding that it has “the versatility of mop heads or pads that can be used as a dry dusting mop or a wet mop.” Each order comes with 20 disposable mops – 14 for dry mopping and six for wet mopping. The pads are easy to install using the built-in fabric gripper, and the mop head rotates 360 degrees for easy maneuverability around your home.

Positive review from Amazon: “I moved into an apartment with a vinyl plank floor, and a friend of mine told me to get it a dry sweeper. It’s great! I can clean the entire apartment in a jiffy, and under the furniture the vacuum couldn’t. I was amazed at the amount of dust and hair it picked up. I’m totally convinced of this. “.

Mop type: flat mop | Best for: All types of hardwood floorsincluding hardwood, vinyl and tile | best use: wet or dry

Also available at: Walmart (with 10 mop packs), $17, Home Depot (with 10 mop packs), $15

3. Best spray mop with reusable pads


  • Compact spray bottle
  • You can use it with your favorite cleaning solution


  • Not the strongest mop, according to some reviewers

The O-Cedar Spray Mop It has a refillable reservoir with the cleaning solution of your choice and comes with a reusable microfiber pad. The spray operator dispenses the solution over your floors, making the task of cleaning them airtight. Plus, the microfiber pads can be machine washed up to 100 times before they need to be replaced. This set comes with only one mop pad, but you can cut out a version with two, three or four replacement pads. You will also find this separately wiper alternatives Inexpensive and will cost you about $5 per mop pad if four packs break down.

Positive review from Amazon: “Love those. Bought a second one upstairs. Not really good for absorbency, like cleaning up wet spills, but unlike sponge mops, they don’t crumble and/or leave bits of themselves all over the place, and you can rinse and/or wash the removable head and it looks Lasts good.I have a spare so I can toss it in the washer when it’s far from just rinsing.Two caps of Mister Clean in the bottle are covered in hot water and you have to deal with anything from kitchen grease to house stink.Like me well I bought a third apartment for my son’s “.

mop type: spray mop | Best for: Solid wood, laminate, vinyl, stone and tile surfaces | Best use: wet or dry

Also available at: Home Depotand $25 and Lowes$25

4. Expert Recommended Steam Mop


  • It only needs water Floor disinfection
  • Produces steam within seconds


  • It must be plugged into a wall outlet

“My favorite all-in-one mop is Light and easy steam mop which have velcro mop pads that are reusable and washable,” says Brown. She adds that you can use it wet or Dry, which makes it a versatile option as well. “You can unplug the portable steam engine and use the casing and dry mop pad to remove the LVP dry dust [luxury vinyl plank] or hard floors,” says Brown. “To use it as a wet mop, you simply wet the mop pad and wring it out. And of course, you can use it on tile floors as a steam mop.” She’s a huge fan, Braun has been using this steam mop – along with Swiffer sweeper mop – for decades. “I’m a huge fan of them,” she says.

The mop has a 20mm diameter refillable water tank, and heats up within 20 seconds (but turns off automatically when your hands leave the handle). While it does require an outlet to generate steam, the power cord is 20 feet long, giving you plenty of freedom of movement. If anything, you might want to buy some reusable and machine washable items LIGHT ‘N’ EASY mop pads Because the steam mop only comes with one pad, according to some reviewers. Once you’ve set up, you can use the steam mop on hardwood and tile floors—and if it breaks Carpet glider attachment (Also sold separately), you can even use it to deep clean carpets.

Positive review from Amazon: “I have a small apartment with wooden floors and two cats whose muddy kittens leave footprints everywhere. It’s worse when it rains. I’ve been using Swiffer but it has never cleaned my floors and certainly didn’t solve more difficult problems. After filling the tank and waiting about 45 seconds, on first use The steam was hot and everything lifted off my floors! While I wish the power cord was longer, that didn’t detract from how good this worked. If you have a lot of space to clean, add an extension cord. The price point for this great item is fixed!”

mop type: steam mop | Best for: Stamped solid wood and tile | Best use: Wet (but per Brown’s advice, you can try it for dry wiping as well)

5. Best apartment mop/vacuum cleaner


  • At the same time mop and vacuum floors
  • LED lights illuminate their path
  • wireless


  • It works continuously for only 13 minutes before it needs to be recharged

If you want to halve your cleaning time, you may want to choose Mop and Vacuum Combo Like Shark VACMOP. Absorbs dirt on floors as disposable pads wipe floors clean. The button on the handle controls the spray feature – just press it to add some solution to the floor. LED headlights are installed on the wiper to ensure you don’t miss a spot, and when you’re done, you can throw the used pads in the trash with the no-touch disposal feature. The VACMOP works wirelessly, although it only works continuously for 13 minutes before needing a recharge – something to consider especially if you live in larger apartments.

Unit comes with four VACMOP . PADS and a bottle of VACMOP . CLEANERHowever, once you run out of either, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Positive review from Amazon: “The fact that you can vacuum and mop at the same time is a game changer […] It lasts enough charge to clean my 1,700-square-foot apartment and sucks up dog hair and feathers from down pillows and dust.”

mop type: Spray mop and vacuum | Best for: All hardwood floors are sealed | Best use: wet

Also available at: Walmart$100 dollars bed bath behindAnd $100 and Shark$100


Angela Brown, hostess YouTube channel And the audio notation Ask the house cleaner

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