The 6 Best Nespresso Machines For Iced Coffee


A Nespresso machine can be a quick and easy way to get your caffeine dose. When looking for the best Nespresso iced coffee machines, some features to consider are the machine’s size, water tank capacity, and accessories that make making iced coffee more convenient. Making iced coffee with a Nespresso machine includes brewing the hot coffee of your choice and Pour it on the ice (and sometimes add cold milk), so the type Nespresso machine You buy depends on what kind of Iced coffee or espresso drink you want.

What to consider when looking for a Nespresso iced coffee machine

Nespresso machines fall into two categories:

Original Nespresso machines

The original machines make espresso and espresso-based drinks such as latte, cappuccino, flat eggs, macchiatos, and more. It comes in a range of sizes with features like a removable milk container for easy storage in the fridge, and it can even include a milk frother. These machines are compatible with the original Nespresso capsules, which will need to be extracted from the ice to make the cold coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo machines

For even more versatility, Vertuo machines can make the same type of espresso drinks as the Original, but also make larger coffee drinks (such as Standard cup of drip coffee). They do not usually include a milk frother, but some have the option to assemble one with purchase. Only Vertuo Nespresso capsules are compatible with these machines and will need to be extracted from ice to make cold coffee.

Other things to consider

The size of a Nespresso machine may depend on your space. Some are thin and compact, so they take up less space. However, the compact machines come with a smaller water tank and used capsule container, so they will require you to empty and fill the machine on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, every Nespresso machine has compatible capsules, and Nespresso makes cold brew capsules designed to be served over ice. But if you are open to different brands, some espresso machines can drink Keurig and Nespresso capsules come in different drink sizes, so if you like more variety of capsules, this is an option. Nespresso machines and other brands can also include extras such as storing capsules or free espresso cups to complete them. coffee preparation.

Whether you are looking for something without the frills or more features, these are the best Nespresso machines iced coffee.

1. Highly rated Nespresso machine for iced coffee and espresso


  • Over 10,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars
  • Available in five colors
  • 54oz large water tank
  • Prepares four cup sizes for coffee and espresso
  • Includes assortment of 12 capsules


  • Reviewers report that the water doesn’t get hot after brewing

Make single batch coffee or espresso drinks at the touch of a button with this hugely popular Nespresso Vertuo machine. You can use Vertuo capsules, including these sachets Nespresso capsules Specially designed for iced coffee. But no matter what kind of capsule you put in, the machine automatically adjusts the size, temperature, pressure and fermentation time for the specific capsule that has been loaded. The machine can accommodate four different cup sizes: 5 and 7 ounce coffee drinks, as well as single and double espresso drinks. The water tank is 54 ounces and can hold up to 17 pods, so the machine doesn’t need to be filled or empty daily. When preparing your drink, the water takes just 15 seconds to heat up and ferment, and the machine will shut down after nine minutes of inactivity to save energy. There is no milk frother, but if you want it with your Nespresso machine, you can Get one that makes butter cold and hot here.

Helpful review: “This is the best strong cup of coffee – I’m much happier than I thought I’d be with it. Feels a bit pricey to buy capsules from the Nespresso website but only because it’s bigger – I save a lot of money and the coffee is incredibly rich and strong espresso/coffee” Sarcasm. I drink an iced coffee, so I throw in a cube, some vanilla and it’s better than any corner store.”

Dimensions: 9 x 12.3 x 12.2 inches (W x D x H) | tank capacity: 54 oz | Capsule capacity used: 17 | Compatibility: Nespresso Lierto capsules

2. Nespresso latte and iced cappuccino machine


  • Automatically heats and froths milk
  • The removable milk container can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use
  • Any cup size is allowed, according to Brand website
  • Includes assortment of 16 capsules


  • expensive
  • Don’t make cold foam

The Nespresso Lattissima Plus It is the only machine on this list that has its own milk frother, so you can easily make espresso, lungo, cappuccino and more with the touch of a button. It only froths hot milk, but reviewers bring coffee and froth over ice to make cold drinks. You can also adjust the amount of milk or foam for your cup. Heating time is 40 seconds, then fermentation begins. This machine uses original Nespresso capsules, including Capsules designed to serve on ice. The drip tray is removable to accommodate different cup sizes, and the milk jug is also removable, so you can store it in the fridge when not in use. If you don’t use the device for up to nine minutes, power saving mode turns it off, but you can set that time up to eight hours.

Helpful review: “We love this machine! I’m an iced latte in the summer / a hot latte in the winter and my husband loves Americanos. We can do it all with this machine and with Nespresso’s great coffee blend options and save a lot of chain coffee buying from espresso drinks all the time.”

Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.9 x 12.5 inches (W x D x H) | tank capacity: 30 oz | Capsule capacity used: not specified | Compatibility: original nespresso capsules

3. A budget friendly espresso machine compatible with original Nespresso capsules


  • Under $100
  • Includes case holder and 2 espresso glasses
  • Makes espresso or lungo
  • Available in black or red


  • Reviewers report that the machine can be loud when brewing

It is very easy to make espresso (1.3 oz) or lungo (3.75 oz) coffee with this A budget friendly espresso machine Which also comes with some great extras. At less than $100, it’s compatible with original Nespresso capsules, including these Nespresso capsules Specially designed for cold drinks. It has a heating time of 30 seconds and turns off after 2 hours to save energy. The used capsule container, drip tray and water tank are all removable and dishwasher safe. Plus, the machine comes with a pod holder that holds up to 40 capsules and two espresso glasses to add to your coffee station.

Helpful review: “This makes great espresso, and I love making Americano iced coffee. Click the button, add ice water and it’s delicious.”

Dimensions: 13.6 x 12.3 x 11.1 inches (W x D x H) | tank capacity: 27 oz | Capsule capacity used: not specified | Compatibility: Original Nespresso and other espresso tablets

4. Compact Nespresso machine comes in 3 colors


  • Over 7000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars
  • Makes espresso or lungo
  • Available in lime, red and black
  • small footprints
  • Includes assortment of 16 capsules


  • Reviewers report that the water doesn’t get hot after brewing

The Nespresso Essenza Mini It may be compact, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features. The water heats up in just 30 seconds and can quickly make an espresso (1.3 oz) or a lungo (3.75 oz) – there are separate buttons for each. Essenza does not have a milk frother, but you can have it bundled with your device hereAnd you can buy some original nespresso capsules Designed specifically for iced drinks while you’re at it. Three minutes after the last preparation, it enters eco mode, then after nine minutes, it turns off automatically. Therefore, it saves you energy and counter space at the same time. Choose from red, lime green, and black.

Helpful review: “It’s so easy to use great espresso, I made a little hot espresso, it was delicious. This morning I made an iced coffee, I added caramel drizzle, it tasted like Starbucks. It would definitely help me save money because I was spending $50 a week on Starbucks.”

Dimensions: 4.3 x 12.8 x 8.1 inches (W x D x H) | tank capacity: 20.3 oz | Capsule capacity used: 6 | Compatibility: original nespresso capsules

5. A machine that works with both Nespresso and Korig capsules


  • Large 68oz water tank
  • Compatible with original Nespresso and Korig capsules
  • Makes espresso, lungo and regular coffee
  • Makes up to six different cup sizes


  • Does not include free pod samples

If you would like some variety among your capsules, then FDM Machine It is a strong choice. It’s compatible with disposable K cups, generic reusable coffee cups, and original Nespresso tablets, so it can make coffee and long shots of espresso. There are six cup sizes: 2, 4 and 6 ounces for Nespresso cups and 8, 10 and 12 ounces for K cups – perfect for espresso cups, mini coffee mugs and travel mugs. The 68-ounce water tank is the largest on this list, which also makes this device the largest on this list in terms of both width and height. The heating time is not specified, but it will turn off automatically after 30 minutes. number milk foam Included, but you can get one separately, plus original nespresso capsules Specially designed for cold drinks.

Helpful review: “Love it! Now I can have an iced latte at home and don’t have to leave the house.”

Dimensions: 7.2 x 16.2 x 13 inches (W x D x H) | tank capacity: 68 oz | Capsule capacity used: 10 (according to booklet) | Compatibility: Original Nespresso capsules, K cups and reusable coffee tablets

6. Best portable espresso machine that works with Nespresso capsules


  • portable
  • built
  • Lightweight


  • Do not heat the water, you have to add boiling water

Enjoy finely brewed espresso drinks anywhere with this portable espresso maker. It is compatible with original Nespresso capsules, including this one original nespresso capsules For chilled recipes, so no loose ground needed. Making espresso is easy: just add the capsule, then some boiling water, open the plunger, and pump a few times for a single 1.7-ounce shot. Weighing only 12 ounces, it’s lightweight and requires no batteries or electricity. Plus, the lid doubles as a mug.

Helpful review: “I took it with me recently on a cruise and was able to make an iced latte every day. I used hot water from a dispenser to make hot tea and cocoa. Then I took a cup and filled it half with ice and two thirds of the way with milk and brewed two pills on top of it. Definitely a cruise hack […] The only thing I don’t like is that it takes time to dry in between and can’t be reassembled quickly without worrying about mold growth.”

Dimensions: 6.89 x 2.75 x 2.36 inches (L x W x H) | tank capacity: 2.4 oz | Capsule capacity used: not available | Compatibility: original nespresso capsules

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