The 7 Best Laptop Stands For Zoom Meetings


If you’ll be participating in Zoom meetings for any length of time, you’ll want your laptop to be positioned in a way that fits your neck and spine. The Best Zoom Meeting Laptop Stands are adjustable and have the right height and weight for your needs, whether you’re looking for a lightweight, ultra-portable option or a sturdy metal model that will last for years to come. Keep an eye out for features like a stand that doubles as a laptop table or one that has a designated area for a mouse or phone, which can make the stand more comfortable. And when it comes to compatibility, the following mounts will fit all laptops up to 17.3 inches.

What to look for when shopping for a laptop stand

  • Adjustability: If you share a workstation with others, work from different locations, or just want the right fit, adjustability is key. Most of the laptop stands on this list feature a range of tilt so you can get the best angle for your Zoom meeting.
  • to rise: You will need to make sure that your laptop stand is at a height that suits you. It is recommended that your screen be at eye level, Without having to bend your neck Or constantly looking down. This allows you to look directly into the camera with everyone’s eye on the screen, so your laptop will look at you from a recommended front angle. If you plan to stand at a meeting, make sure your laptop stand gives you enough stretch for your eyes at this level.
  • Weight: Determining the best weight for your laptop stand depends on where it will be placed. If you are traveling with your laptop or just wandering around in different places within your home, you will need a lightweight and foldable laptop stand. Plastic mounts usually weigh the least, but they aren’t always the sturdiest options. On the other hand, if your laptop stand is going to be kept in one place, you might prefer a model with a bit more weight and durability. Metal mounts can give you a sturdier feel but may not be portable.

Scroll to file Best laptop stands On Amazon, it won’t make your Zoom meetings a sore neck. Some also have recommended External keyboard Or mouse for compatibility, so keep that in mind if these extras are of interest.

1. A very popular aluminum laptop stand


  • Over 13,000 reviews and a total rating of 4.8 stars
  • Available in five colors
  • Under $35


  • Reviewers have reported that the mount can be difficult to adjust

Over 13,000 reviewers have given this laptop stand The overall rating is close to 4.8 stars, and it’s easy to see why. Made of aluminum alloy, it’s durable without being as heavy as some other metals, weighs just 2.43 pounds and features a vent, so your laptop doesn’t heat up. The stand can extend up to about 10 inches in height and collapse to 2.6 inches in thickness, which can come in handy for Zoom meetings at home or on the go. There’s also adjustable tilt, as well as protective hooks so your laptop doesn’t slide around and protective slip pads on the bottom so you don’t scratch your desk. Some reviewers reported that it was difficult to adjust the stand into position, but other reviewers loved that it felt secure once set and even felt solid when writing on it.

Helpful Amazon review: “I bought this for my laptop to replace a loud fan and to be able to adjust the angle for the ever-increasing zoom meetings of my life. I was able to move the stand to the position that worked best for me and my laptop, and it hasn’t moved since .Holds well in place and feels strong enough that I’m not worried about my laptop.The two silicone stoppers on the bottom keep the laptop secure so that I can still use the touchscreen option without worrying about any movement.Lifting the laptop removed the need to the cooling fan underneath.”

to rise: 1.97 – 10.24 inches | Weight: 2.43 EGP

2. Stylish laptop stand with adjustable tilt


  • Easily adjustable
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • modern design


  • Works best with external keyboard and mouse

The Rain iLevel 2 design The laptop stand is a stylish option that allows you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop screen by adjusting the computer’s tilt. The stand can be easily adjusted using the sliding knob, and it has a maximum height of 7.9 inches. Plus, there are rubber pads on the stand to keep your computer in place. It’s made of anodized aluminum, which makes it both stylish and durable, and there’s a vent so your laptop gets some airflow. Rain Design recommends this stand be used with a feeder External keyboard and mouse For best results.

Helpful Amazon review: “After years of living with a sore neck due to my poorly positioned laptop, I purchased this stand. The laptop screen is at eye level and the ergonomics of my desk setup has also been greatly improved. The stand is sturdy and adjustable. My only regret is that I didn’t I understand that sooner.”

to rise: Up to 7.9 inch | Weight: 3.52 EGP

3. Laptop stand with mobile phone holder under $15


  • Over 15,000 reviews and an overall 4.4 star rating
  • Collapse
  • It can rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • phone holder
  • Under $15


  • It can wiggle if you write on it, according to reviewers

this is Lightweight ABS Plastic Laptop The stand is a budget-friendly option for Zoom meetings. Weighing in at just 1.58 pounds, it is 9.8 inches wide and 10.7 inches long and collapses down to 0.9 inches thick for easy storage in a suitcase or luggage. It tilts your laptop from 5.5 to 7 inches and features a design that helps your computer stay cool. Best of all, the bottom has a 360-degree rotating dial so you can rotate and share your screen, as well as non-slip rubber surface pads that ensure your desk is protected. There is also a side stand to hold your cell phone, which can be folded into the stand when not in use. However, according to reviewers, the stand can wobble if you’re typing on your laptop, so it may work better with External keyboard and mouse.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is a great buy if you are on a tight budget and you have many laptop users in your home/office. It does exactly what it advertises and the rotating function has helped greatly in Zoom music lessons and business meetings, alike. It is a bit creaky but not unstable. There was no point where we were afraid it would collapse even when set so that the laptop is almost vertical. The good ventilation system for the back of the laptop and phone tray is great and can also be used for other attachments.”

to rise: 5.5 – 7 inches | Weight: 1.58 EGP

4. Metal laptop stand that’s great for standing


  • Over 4000 reviews and a total rating of 4.8 stars
  • foldable
  • Highest extension on this list


  • Some reviewers have reported that it can feel confusing when typing
  • Heaviest position on this list

When you want to go from sitting to standing in Zoom meetings, look no further metal laptop stand. It stretches up to 20 inches in length, and its angle is adjustable so you can comfortably see your laptop screen. One reviewer reported, “Very easy to adjust the height and use with confidence.” The stand weighs 4.38 pounds, but it also folds up to a height of 1.6 inches, so it’s relatively portable. Plus, there’s an air vent so your laptop doesn’t heat up and protective hooks to keep your computer in place. It is made of metal, however, the specific type is not specified.

Helpful Amazon review: “This laptop stand is one of my best investments. I’ve been too much at putting together books to create a platform for my zoom meetings. The stand is very sturdy, well built and very mobile. I travel a lot for work so having something I can pack and travel with was great.” A life saver! I have no complaints. If you are looking for a laptop platform, look no further.”

to rise: Up to 20 inches | Weight: 4.38 EGP

5. Aluminum Laptop Stand with Built-in Mouse Pad and Fans


  • Optional USB-powered cooling fans
  • Removable mouse pad
  • Collapse


  • It can wobble when extended to full height, according to reviewers

There is a lot of variety with this aluminum laptop stand, which can be used to lift your laptop for Zoom meetings or use it as a tray. Auto-lock hinges rotate 360 ​​degrees and feature angle measurements, and a card is included that shows you how to achieve different angles, tilts, and positions. It has a maximum height of 19 inches, depending on the brand, but many users have reported that it can wiggle a bit when fully extended. When collapsed, it is 2 inches high and weighs 3.94 pounds for relative portability. The removable external mouse holder works with What kind of mouse The dimensions of the pillow are 6.2 x 5.8 inches. It also comes with built-in cooling fans to prevent your laptop from overheating, which are powered via a USB cord (included) that connects to your computer.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is a very handy laptop stand. It’s lightweight and I really like how it comes with a chart page to show the different positions and angles to adjust each arm. Plus it has a built in cooling fan which is perfect for long zoom meetings (just plug the cord into your laptop) It is sturdy and very suitable for a sit/stand option at a fraction of the price. I would definitely recommend this product.”

to rise: 2-19 inches | Weight: 3.94 EGP

6. This laptop stand is high quality


  • The lightest on this list
  • Includes carrying sleeve
  • Collapse


  • The most expensive platform on this list

When you need a laptop stand for Zoom meetings on the go, You need a roost. When collapsed, it measures 1 x 1.5 x 13 inches, according to the brand’s website. When opened, the Roost offers seven adjustable height settings between 6 and 14 inches. It’s also sturdy, with rubber inserts and clips to hold the laptop and keep it in place. According to the seller, the stand is made of glass-filled nylon and Delrina high-performance resin, which combines to give it stability, durability and structural integrity.

Helpful Amazon review: “I have a small table and this stand elevates my laptop allowing more room for my keyboard and mouse on my small cart counter. Zoom calls are at the perfect height now too! When traveling it folds up in its bag (included) and can be tucked away easily. So glad I bought this!”

to rise: 6 – 14 inches | Weight: 5.8 oz

7. Aluminum laptop stand can also be used as a laptop table


  • Can be used in many ways
  • Can be stretched and tilted
  • fold down


  • Reviewers report that the lowest height can feel a little high

For a laptop stand that extends and reclines but can also be used as a temporary desk or tray table, near It is a strong choice. It’s made of aluminum with non-slip silicone feet, and the deck measures 20.5 x 11.8 inches. The adjustable stoppers ensure that nothing slips out of the drawer and can be removed when you don’t need it. The legs can be adjusted to five different heights (from 9.4 to 12.6 inches) using the auto-locking buttons, and the clamps can be used to adjust the deck angle from 0 to 30 degrees. The entire drawer folds down to a height of approximately 2 inches for convenient storage. There are three colors to choose from, and if you need some extra surface area, there’s a great choice as well.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is a great buy! There was no space for a desk and he was using pillows to prop my laptop on the couch which kept swaying during Zoom calls. Now it’s all on a solid base – I love the tilt feature and the adjustable height means I can also put it on my kitchen table and use it as a standing desk! You can also have breakfast in bed (although that’s an add-on!).”

to rise: 9.4 – 12.6 inches | Weight: 3.13 EGP

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