The 8 Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners 2022


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So, you are completely new to the world of tennis? Hello! You’re in the right place (well, only if you’re reading this from the District Court). If you’ve never picked up a tennis racket in your life, this part may feel a little overwhelming, but there’s room for everyone here – even if you plan on serve eggplant Instead of a tennis ball. Whether it’s actually competing in tournaments (hey, you never know if you’ll be next Venus Williams) or just practice on the weekends, trust us, you Can Play tennis.

The great news is that tennis doesn’t require much maintenance in terms of equipment. according to Tracy Greenhead coach of the Harvard Women’s Tennis Team,loose clothes(Or that’s too cute tennis skirt!), sneakers with non-marking soles, and a bat. Prices for beginner tennis rackets can range greatly, from around $30 to over $200, but don’t worry, you can find a great beginner racket without spending a lot of money. Look for a lightweight racket (12 ounces or less is ideal) with a large head (aka the part of the racquet used to hit the ball). The large head size gives you a bigger “sweet spot,” or that area in the middle of the paddle where, if you hit it *exactly* on the right, the ball will fly.

The choice of racket depends on how serious you are about the new summer sport, and how often you really intend to play it. To help make your racket buying decision that much easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best beginner rackets that might turn you into your next Sharapova. see you there ;).

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Best for casual players

wilson tour slam lite tennis racket for adults

  • Budget conscious
  • It comes pre-compressed, so you’ll be ready to play as soon as you buy it
  • If you want to play more seriously, you will probably need a new racket

Do you play for lunch after the game and not try to be a professional tennis player? same. This is an ideal racket for beginners who won’t break the bank, says Green. Its AirLite alloy body makes it extremely lightweight, while its 113-square-inch head gives it a great fit in the XL. Promise you’ll hit that ball over the net in no time.

Best for competitive beginners

Babolat 2021 Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket – 4 3/8 “

  • It can be used at a beginner and intermediate level
  • Some reviewers who liked the flexi racquet said this racquet was a bit stiff

Professional gamers love the Babolat brand, and now there is a great model for beginners like you. Green loves this because, at 10 graduated ounces, it’s light enough for a beginner, but can grow with a beginner to intermediate level player. The graphite material efficiently transfers energy to the ball and gives you a great deal of power (translation: your tennis partner won’t be able to keep up).

Best for frequent players

285- Nada Abdul Majeed

  • Comes in a variety of handle sizes and thread categories
  • Absorbs a good amount of vibration to play comfortably
  • An investment if you want to play occasionally
  • Not available with a size 0 . handle

Can’t get enough of your newfound hobby? Here’s your new trusted product. One reviewer said her Solinco runs strong despite using it 30 hours a week, and Green adds that this racket works well for tennis beginners and intermediates. It’s light enough to swing easily, but still gives you the power you need to play a good game. With handle sizes ranging from 1 to 4 and ten different stringing options, you can easily find the one that works just right for you.

Best for arm pain

Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket

  • Good for arm pain and tennis elbow
  • Feeling of flexibility and comfort
  • Some reviews mentioned that the racket absorbed a lot of vibration from the strikes and they did not feel connected to the ball

Let’s minimize our injuries, shall we? Lots of reviews have mentioned that this racket has a flexible feel and absorbs vibrations from hitting the ball – great for people with arm pain and tennis elbow. It’s one of Green’s favorites because it has a 100-square-inch head (for that big spot) and at 11 ounces, it’s light enough for easy play.

Best for young players

HEAD Ti.S6 Strung Tennis Racket

  • Beautiful budget friendly
  • super light
  • Not ideal if you want a heavier racket

Hello, my little friends! Most adult tennis rackets are 27 inches long, but this one has an extra inch, giving you longer reach if you’re on the shorter side. It’s also incredibly light at just 8 ounces, comes in a variety of grip sizes (1-5) and has a large 115-square-inch head. Kinda gives you the best of everything at a good price.

The best ~ aesthetic ~ racket

Babolat Post Aero Rava Strong Tennis Racket

  • Comes pre-built
  • Good for reducing tendon stress
  • If you end up getting too serious about tennis, you may want to have it reset by a professional to adapt the strings to your playing style.

This colorful bb is ready to play whenever you want. It comes pre-built, so you’ll be on the ballpark ASAP. It’s comfortable and responsive, because the design of the loops (you know, those holes that attach the string to the racket) reduces string stress.

best left

Babolat Pure Aero

  • Great for left hand players
  • Gives you good control of a hammock
  • It might not be the best if you don’t hit the ball hard

Well, rackets are not the same as scissors where the left-handers have their own specially designed pair, but some rackets are better for the left than others. Left-handed professional players love this player as well as beginner and intermediate players. His slightly smaller head (still big enough for beginners) will give you more control and will help you develop a longer swing as the improvement continues.

Best for tennis elbow

Prince O3 Legacy 120

  • Big head with a big sweet spot
  • Good for elbow injuries
  • You may need to upgrade once you reach Intermediate level

This racket is very comfortable, plus it packs a light punch. The massive 120-square-inch head gives you a great fit, its extra inch length allows more reach, and its grommet-free design reduces vibrations a lot (which can bother your arm). It’s a great option if you’re prone to tennis elbow or other arm pain, and it’s a good all-around option for beginners who want to improve their swing strength.

Best tennis shoes for beginners

Kurt Tremore white shoes

  • It has a sock liner for comfort and breathability
  • solid walking shoes
  • Do not wear it for running or cross training

You’ll need a nice (and really practical) pair of tennis shoes on this tennis trip, and these are perfect steps to get you started. They have unmarked soles on an indoor or outdoor playground, but they also work well for entertaining, walking your dog or grabbing a mimosa after a game.

How to choose a tennis racket for beginners

Looking for a light racket?

If you’ve seen a racket that’s lightweight and has a big sweet spot, it’s probably your new BFF. “Paddles are generally lighter for beginners so they can maneuver the racket more easily, create a swing, and get used to swinging the right way,” says Green. The large head size is also great for beginners. “The larger the head, in general, the more power you can get from the racquet and the cool slick.” Also, rackets come in different weight distributions – some may be heavier at the bottom and some may be heavier at the head. When you’re starting out, Green says it’s generally best to get one with an equal weight.

Find out your fist size

Fun fact: Rackets come in many different sizes. If you are shopping online for rackets, first measure your grip with a ruler. “With your hand open and fingers extended close together, align the ruler with the lower lateral crease of your palm and measure to the tip of your ring finger,” says Green. Then, just look at the file Size conversion chart To find out what size fist number (0-5) you are. there he is!

little demo rackets

Try before you buy, PBS! Most professional tennis stores and online retailers allow you to take your rackets home to test out before you invest in one. Showing the racket is the best way to find out if a racket feels good to you so you know you’re getting the racket you love, according to Green.

Meet the expert

Tracy Green She is the head coach of the Harvard University women’s tennis team. She led the team to a historic number of wins and was the first African-American Harvard coach to win an Ivy League title.

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