The Best Cooling Mattress Pads for Hot Sleepers


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We are officially in pain Sweaty girl sleeping season. You know, the months from mid-May to mid-September are when you wake up with your thighs stuck together. Even with the air conditioner on full blast (RIP my electric bill), there seemed to be little relief from the heat. However, the answer to that sweaty nightmare might be lying right under you. Insert a cooling mattress pad.

He explains, “You need to treat the temperature of your bed the same way you treat the temperature of your room.” Terry Crally, RN, MS, Certified Clinical Sleep Counselor. According to the sleep expert, upgrade your bed space to include a cooling mattress pad (in addition to cooling bedAnd the LeavesAnd the night dress, which we’ve covered, bb) can *all* make the difference between a night of flinging and a good night’s sleep. Plus, prioritizing your sleep means improving your physical and mental well-being, which is SO. the curse. Important.

The best part is that mattress pads are a super easy and affordable way (like, most of them on this list are under $60) to provide you and your tired mattress with a complete reset. And with the addition of a cooling mattress pad, you won’t have to wake up in a puddle of sweat night after night (your sheets will thank you).

So, whether you’re sleeping normally or just want a break from the summer heat, we’ve got a cooling mattress pad just for you. Keep scrolling for the full list, hottie <3.

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Best to drink wine occasionally in bed

Premium Bamboo King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad

  • Breathing
  • waterproof
  • budget friendly

Tbh, sometimes things can get messy in the bedroom. whether sex improves, steamy, Or you’re relaxing with a glass of red wine after a busy week, accidents happen. Your best bet is to add a protective barrier (and cooling) between you and your mattress with this bamboo mattress pad that acts as a protector.

glowing review: “Love this mattress protector! The towel-like material absorbs anything that spills and the protective plastic layer doesn’t allow any liquids to touch the mattress, it’s great. Plus it’s not noisy or hot at all.”

Best Looking Cooling Mattress Pad

SLEEP ZONE Colorful Cooling Mattress Pad

  • Easy to turn on/off
  • super soft
  • Affordable, Affordable, Affordable

Maybe your bedding is out of whack or you’re just not in the mood to get a WWE SmackDown with your duvet cover. Either way, you totally get it, but your bed doesn’t have to seem random. This cooling mattress pad comes in 5 different color options to make your bedroom style and the beauty of *chef’s kiss* with or without a sheet on top.

glowing review: “Because this duvet doubles as a bottom sheet but feels like a quilted bedspread to match the colors in my room, there’s no need to switch anymore – blankets can simply be put on as needed. Day or night, the bed should never be changed until the cover has been removed for washing. And I might get another bed so I’ll never be without it.”

Best for laundry day

LAM Temperature Regulating 3 Support Zones Under Replacement Mattress Pad

  • absorb sweat
  • secure fit
  • machine washable
  • Needs ventilation after opening

Unlike your ex, you pride yourself on washing your bed regularly (which reminds me, it’s time to do it). This means that your mattress pad should be a part of your washing routine. Available in six bed sizes from twin through to Cal King, this easy-to-wash mattress pad is sure to keep you fresh and comfortable while making laundry day a breeze. Now, if you only had a washer and dryer in the unit…

glowing review: “Great for getting all the different temperatures and support zones in one item! The ability to wash in a washing machine is a plus!! ”

Best for aches and pains

Double Copper Mattress Pad – Extra Velvet Pain Relief Pillow Cover

  • amaranth
  • Has a 3 year warranty

If you find yourself reaching for a bottle of Tylenol right after your alarm rings, do yourself a favor and add this mattress pad to your Amazon cart ASAP. On top of keeping you cool at night, many happy customers liken this mattress pad to sleeping on a cloud, while providing relief from body aches and stiffness.

glowing review: “It is very cute and very luxurious. My back always hurts and I get nervous when I wake up so my back doesn’t hurt. I look forward to falling asleep now and waking up feeling amazing. I absolutely love this product. It’s cool, supportive, and great quality.”

The best for the budget

Full bed mattress topper

  • Breathing
  • moisture absorbent
  • The price is right

Soooo, you might not have the money to invest in a brand new bed (a fancy mattress? In this economy?!), but your sleep doesn’t have to suffer just because your savings account is. With a rating of 4.9/5 stars, this cooling mattress pad from Amazon is just what you need to help you catch some zzz’s without breaking the bank. With all sizes under $50, this is just the much-needed upgrade to your old mattress.

glowing review: “We now own two of these because we loved the first so much. They sleep nice and cool and for a price that can’t be beat!”

The best sustainable choice

Waterproof fleece protective pad

  • waterproof
  • sustainably made
  • 10 years warranty

You may not think that wool is cooling. Personally, I exclusively tie the fibers to a hot, itchy sweater my grandmother bought me when I was 11 (never forget). But despite my preconceptions, wool is actually one of the best heat-regulating materials. Made with a 100 percent wool fill and a cotton outer cover, this mattress pad from Tumerry will help keep you naturally cool. Oh, and a tree is planted with every purchase :).

glowing review: “The all-natural cotton/wool mattress protector is very comfortable, so don’t let the fleece fool you because it sleeps so comfortably and coolly. Great product.”

Best for allergies

Queen Ultra Comfort Allergy Protection Polyester Mattress Pad

  • Antimicrobials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • temperature regulation
  • Mixed reviews about its waterproof capabilities

I recently had to play excellent cheerful The guessing game “Do I have COVID or is this just an allergy?” Fortunately for me, it was the latter. But despite the crowded fog, I realized that what I sleep on might be making my sensitivity worse. If you smell like me, consider adding a hypoallergenic mattress pad, like this one from Wayfair, to your bed. Your itch-free eyes and clear nasal passages will thank you.

glowing review: “Fantastic mattress pad! Thick and soft…. stays snug against my bed without “crawling”! No allergy! I feel good in the morning after a good night’s sleep.”

Best brag

TempTune mattress pad

  • sweat free
  • sustainable production

You probably spend about a third of your life in bed, so if you’re going to flaunt anything, it should be your sleep at all (and maybe this JW PEI A bag you’ve been looking forward to for months.) This temperature regulating mattress pad will keep you cool on hot summer nights and nice warm during cooler months, which fully justifies the price.

glowing review: “Very happy with this purchase. I didn’t think changing the mattress pad would be critical, but I did notice a huge difference in the temperature I sleep at. This mattress pad is great and helps keep me cool and comfortable all night long. It’s even soft enough to sleep on without sheets”.

Best for light sleep

Queen Size Mattress Pad

  • great price
  • machine washable
  • don’t wrinkle
  • Not as thick as the pictures show

If the slightest noise sends your REM cycle packing, you may be skeptical about adding a mattress pad to your bed. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way after we’ve gotten past the squiggly mattress inserts for sleepovers. This #1 Bestseller on Amazon has received great reviews for being soft, cooling, and noise-free (HALLELUJAH!).

glowing review: “It totally amazed me how perfect the mattress pad was. It immediately changed the shape of our mattress and we finally slept like logs… Also, it’s nice and quiet, which was a huge relief. Others we tried to make enough noise to wake us up if we moved but didn’t have any noise issues with this. ”

Best for overall comfort

Waterproof mattress pads

  • Breathing
  • super plush
  • good price
  • It may not be completely waterproof

Things that won’t be overrated: Sunday brunch, your mom’s advice, snooping in your bed after a long day. If you find that comfortably falling over your bed is nearly impossible due to the stiffness of your mattress, tread on that, dear. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, this plush mattress pad will make you snooze because it’s just who – which relaxing.

glowing review: “I don’t leave reviews often. But this mattress pad really surprised me…it adds extra softness and comfort to my mattress. And it doesn’t make me sweat. This is really the best bedding product I’ve bought.”

How to choose the best cooling mattress

Know the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress cover.

You might think that these bedding pieces are basically the same thing. Potatoes, fries, Amiri? no. Cralle describes a mattress pad as a piece of material that covers the top and sides of a mattress (placed under a fitted sheet) that can provide some extra comfort and protection. Top covers are usually thicker (2 to 4 inches), are designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress, and come at a higher price. One of Cralle’s additional key notes about mattress pads is that they are washable. “I’ve always heard that since you can’t toss your mattress in the washer, be sure to get a mattress pad and/or protector—you can toss it in the washer,” she says.

Check the depth of your mattress.

Mattress inserts are a bit like bras – they need to fit Just In order to be comfortable while they are actually doing their job. Cralle notes that depending on the height of your mattress (and if you have a top cover), it could end up being too expensive to accommodate your bed. So be sure to check these product dimensions before adding to cart!

Consider the material you want.

There are millions of options available in the bedding world, which can be great, but a little tricky. Mattress pads come in a range of materials, both natural (such as wool, bamboo, and cotton) and synthetic (usually polyester). “There are naturally breathable fabrics that absorb sweat and synthetic fibers that help maintain a comfortable temperature,” explains Craley. So, it just comes down to the features you want most in a mattress pad.

Meet the expert

Terry Crally She is a Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator, and Certified Healthcare Quality Expert, specializing in sleep health and wellness. Her work in sleep medicine has included clinical research into insomnia as well as advocating for educational initiatives such as the prevention of sleepy driving. As a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on the topic of sleep for schools, universities, sleep clinics, US corporations and employee health companies, Terry educates a wide range of audiences about the critical importance of sleep for physical and psychological health, growth and development, safety, optimal performance, productivity, peak performance, and quality of life.

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