The July 2022 New Moon Will Affect These Zodiac Signs The Most


Summer is in full swing, and things are only heating up with the next emotional lunar month. The new moon in July 2022 swings in high confidence and theatrical lyu On July 28, it inspired our creative endeavors and reminds us that it’s okay to have a healthy amount of self-indulgence. Braveheart Leo is all about Have fun and play And this fun-loving energy is a reminder to the group not to take things too seriously. While some may feel relieved by Drama queens Confidence, some of the zodiac signs most affected by the new moon in July will find that too much ego can sometimes lead to an uncomfortable scene.

New moons are the beginning of work lunar cycle. In astrology, this moon heralds new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s a quiet time to plan, prepare, and appear, along with the high energy of the full moons. Since la Luna rush to Leo thirsts for dramaYou can expect the sentiment to be theatrical and exaggerated as you plan your next major rebranding or delve into those new creative ventures. For the people most affected by this moon, you may find yourself fighting for the spotlight, which can affect your progress – and the people around you.

Leo loves to shine ever since ruled by the sunso many people will have the desire to be observed during this moon,” astrologer Ryan Marquardt Bustle says. “If you transcend your ego, it may cause some conflict in relationships, or you may find yourself facing external forces pushing against the person you are boldly trying to become.”

Accompanying the new moon of July extreme pairing between Rebellious Uranus And the Mars is hard as nails. This transit targets our finances, Marquardt explains, and is “a smoldering, fighting, and destabilizing energy.” If you are one of the most impressionable signs of the zodiac, you will need to keep an eye on your budget chart.

Read on to find out if you are one of the zodiac signs most affected by the new moon in July 2022.

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with a colleague fixed sign When the lion moves into your home and family sector, you may feel a heavy duty to protect yourself and your loved ones. This defensive energy can translate into arrogance or arrogance if you’re not careful. Avoid getting stuck in your cave and try to open up to new opportunities that may try to reach you, even if the change seems uncomfortable at first.

“Although the New Moon in Leo is overly imaginative, Taurus will feel like they are fidgeting uncontrollably,” Marquardt says. “The usual amenities may not provide the safety net that Taurus is looking for now. If Taurus can harness the heart-opening energy of Leo and accept the new challenges this new moon will present, the next two weeks will help them understand why certain changes are needed.”

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All eyes are on you now, Leo – just the way you like it. The new moon activates your sense of self and supports your confident energy. But before you jump into a new self-care regimen or sport a new hairstyle, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for anything. professional hiccups.

“The Leo is a heroic sign, but this new moon will make them feel even bolder and braver than usual,” Marquardt explains. However, Mars/Uranus jointly Takes place in Leo’s career home and public reputation.” How are your professional relationships now? Things may rock your big projects or create setbacks, so it’s important to share the light and be a team player.

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Your love life is center stage during the July new moon, Aquarius. As your sister predicted, Liu, moves to Relationships Sector, a new person may stumble into your field of vision. Conversely, you may experience a romantic rush in your current relationship. “Aquarius love to be in the watch role, but this new moon can make them witness to the devastation in the life of someone they love,” Marquardt explains.

No matter what your relationship status is, sensual heat is sure to bring its own brand of Leonen additional. “The new moon will somehow connect them to the drama. With Mars/Uranus jointly Happens in Aquarius fourth houseThere is likely to be an emerging conflict between an Aquarius partner and their home or family life.” It is important to strive for balance in the moment, and remember to take the bad with the good.

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