The most likely scenario for Draymond Green, Warriors in 2023



Draymond Green’s contract placement is one of the biggest events throughout the Warriors in the 2022-23 NBA season. This is the most likely scenario, according to a report.

Draymond Green.
© Elsa / Getty ImagesDraymond Green.

If the future Draymond Green It was already a big talking point for the Warriors A few weeks ago, not to mention a physical altercation with Jordan Paul. Since the incident, many things have been said about the veteran star’s time Golden State.

Unsurprisingly, Green has been linked to Possible business destinations Immediately after punching Paul. However, Dubs doesn’t seem ready to give it up this yearbut Things could be different at the end of the season.

Although Green has a $27.5 million player option in 2023, it has been reported that he was looking to sign one final maximum extension (either at Golden State or elsewhere) before he was suspended. But according to a report, The outlook is different now.

Report: Draymond Green likely to pick his player option with the Warriors in 2023

For Draymond Green with a $27.5 million option next season, He’s almost certainly going to practice it,” ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski said, via Vanishing world. I’m not sure the money, in a long-term deal, will be available in the market. Two years left of his deal. There could be room for an extension at the end of those two years, or a new deal that might be south of that $27.5 million. Maybe not more than that.

But if the Warriors win and Draymond is still a very productive player and he wants to be there, I don’t think that means his days are necessarily numbered In the Golden State. I suspect There is a lot of time left For the Warriors and Draymond Green to make that decision, But I definitely think signing up for his contract next summer is the most likely scenario. “

Green, 32, probably won’t get a much better show, especially after punching Paul. But it’s still too early to tell. After all, it seems like everything will come down to how to perform this chapter. If he shines, the Warriors will likely be happy with his return, but he can also explore other options.

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