The New York Jets set a new record after losing to the Patriots



The New York Jets have been going through a major winning streak but it all ended with the Patriots losing recently. The Jets are one of the best AFC teams of 2022. Check here their new record.

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The New York Jets They play like never before in 2022 NFL Regular Seasonthey have a 5-3-0 win record overall after the last loss to New England Patriots In the eighth week.

loss patriots It wasn’t hard to take it, they knew Belichick had a few tricks up his sleeve to stop the planes at MetLife Stadium. But losses at home always do more harm than losses on the road.

Prior to losing to the Patriots, the Jets had a perfect five-week winning streak that began after losing to the Bengals in their third week at home.

What is the record set by the New York Jets by losing to the Patriots?

It is not a record to celebrate, quite the contrary, The Jets’ new record is an embarrassment as they tied with seven other teams in the most consecutive losses against a divisional opponent for a total of 13 games lost against the Patriots.

The team with the longest losing streak against him A squad competitor is the Bills, they have lost 20 matches against the Dolphins. Another team has The first-class winning streak against the Divisional competitor is 49ers against rams.

So far, the Jets are expected as a playoff team, but the road beyond the season is long and anything could happen in the coming weeks.

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