The Outlander actor reveals why he was rejected to play James Bond


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Outlander star Sam Heughan is one of the actors that fans consider, at least, to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond. However, he revealed that he had already auditioned for the part and why he didn’t land it. You have to hear the full story.

Sam Heogan
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Sam Heogan He is known for his role as Jamie Fraser In Drama Stars “A stranger from home.” However, the actor has shown that he has many talents by creating his own whiskey brand (Sassenach), as a producer and now as a writer. after publishing clans Together with Graham McTavish, he is now ready to publish his memoirs waypointsin which he started about his life, his acting career and his failed test James Bond.

since you left Daniel Craig As the agent, there was a lot of speculation about who would be his successor. Almost every English adult actor was considered for the role, and Heugan, who is no stranger to action movies, was of course part of the conversation. And now, the actor has revealed that he has auditioned for the role in Casino Royale.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyAnd the hyung Discuss what happened during the audition process for the iconic character and why he didn’t land the part. “It was a great experience,” Heogan said outsideR. “It was a stage in my life where Maybe I wasn’t ready for that, But I wonder what would have happened if I had had it.” Check out the full story, and what he thinks of the possibility of getting the role now.

Could Sam Heogan be the new James Bond?

According to an excerpt from “Wayland” released by EW, Heughan was turned down to play Bond because he wasn’t “Excited enough by nature.” The process was “so fast,” he explains, “the sweat under my leather jacket is just starting to form.”

He explained that he met with the producer Barbara BroccoliWhich he called “charming and cheerful”. However, the experience of being rejected because of his personality taught him to be “ready” to act “beyond the actual test”.

Talking about the possibility of getting the role now, he says it might be ‘Too old now’ The producers also talked aboutMake him younger. I feel like that’s where they’re going, but Who knows what’s on their minds.”

When will Sam Heogan’s new book be released?

His memoir “Waypoints” Already available for purchase. He has said that the book is deeply “personal”, and something “I still feel like I’m rocking it a little bit. But it’s also her writing that’s very healing.”

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