The Rams’ player who could be offered to the Panthers for Christian McCaffrey



The NFL trade season has begun. Of course Christian McCaffrey is one of the top targets for every team, but the Rams can equip one player to lure the Panthers in order to get them back.

Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers - NFL 2022
© Harry Ho/Getty ImagesChristian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers – NFL 2022

all singular NFL The team wants to build the best possible team to have a chance to fight for a place in Tha playoffs. right Now , rams She can use one of her players to trade for him Christian McCaffreyAnd the leopardsHe escapes, who may live his last days in Carolina.

The Los Angeles Rams They are in a difficult place in 2022 NFL season. Although they have a file 3-3 recordThey weren’t as dominant as everyone thought, especially on their offensive team.

Regarding Christian McCaffreyIt was also not the best campaign for him, but neither was it for leopards. He’s led the team his entire career, so he may be targeting a new touchdown point where the rest of the attack can finally help him.

Ramez could make one of their backs for Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey He’s been in the trade rumors lately because he’s not having the best time in Carolina. The leopards Currently 1-5 And running back he might already be thinking about his next home, which he could be in Los Angeles.

The Rams are looking for a new comeback and they just confirmed it. Coach Shawn McVeigh revealed that Cam Akers he is No longer considered For the rest of the season as both sides try to get the best deal possible for them.

“As of now, I think the best option for all parties I think would be to explore if there is a good position for him with another team,”McVeigh told reporters during a news conference on Monday. “If it doesn’t pay off, I will never say he will come back and find out The best way for you to take advantage of it And being the best player he’s capable of is off the table, I’d never talk like that.”

The rumors said that Christian McCaffrey It is targeted by three teams: Dolphins, bills and rams. In case the latter really wants the leopards back, they can use it Cam Akers to trade for himWith some top picks the next day NFL Draftsnaturally.

It is clear that the Ramez offensive team suffers with its hostility. A fresh start for McCaffrey In Los Angeles it could help the team mitigate the fees charged by wide receivers nowadays and give them the chance to land a real competitor because Current Super Bowl Champion.

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