The reason why La Liga could be suspended after October 27


La Liga

There is a real possibility that Spanish football will pause at the end of October. Here, find out why.

Barcelona players enter the pitch against Real Madrid
© David Ramos / Getty ImagesBarcelona players enter the pitch against Real Madrid

The big clubs, UEFA championships, and leagues are vying for a bigger slice of the football pie, and the struggle is already well underway. This month was a continuation Real Madridpressure for Premier Leaguewhich they see as a positive change for themselves.

white president Florentino Perez He spent much of his hour-long speech at the club’s general assembly discussing the Premier League and convincing members that the club must go ahead with the initiative, even if only Barcelona and Juventus have been associated with it so far.

Now Catalan Publishing acclimatization claimed it La Liga He may go on strike against the government next week if the measure facilitating the development of the Europa League is passed.

Why La Liga risks being paused from Round 12

The Spanish first and second division teams were warned by La Liga president Javier Tebas that a The strike is likely to start on October 28. This date is the day following the meeting of the Extraordinary Assembly called by Tebas.

Thus, the shutdown of Spanish football is possible starting from 12 round. Already, there is growing concern about the new sports legislation being passed, and there is a widespread feeling that the contribution of La Liga clubs is being ignored.

They are said to believe Real Madrid player Florentino Perez He is the only president who has a real impact. To speed up entering the European Premier League, many people think that Perez is the same only responsible for these new rules.

Just a few days ago, the Commission on English as a Second Language (ESL) elected Bernard Richart as its new chairperson, so this is very timely. After further investigation, Reichart checked with Real Madrid chiefs, BarcelonaAnd Juventus will all play important roles in launching ESL in time for the 2024-25 season.

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