The reason why Packers were unable to trade with Steelers for Chase Claypool



It’s common knowledge that Aaron Rodgers needed a wide receiver to be his new target in Green Bay, but the Packers couldn’t trade the Steelers for Chase Claypool and here’s why.

Chase Claypool - Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL 2022
© Justin K. Aller / Getty ImagesChase Claypool – Pittsburgh Steelers – NFL 2022

The 2022 NFL season was not what Packers Expect fans. Now, when it looked like they could finally add a new wide receiver for Aaron Rodgersthe Steelers decided to trade Claypool chase to me Chicago Bears Nor Green Bay For a very interesting reason.

In the last years, Aaron Rodgers begged for new goals For him to throw passes to. Unfortunately, the Al Hazm Front Office He didn’t respond well and the midfielder is doing what he can with few weapons available.

now after Randall Cope injuredRodgers called for help and brought a new wide receiver to Green Bay. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bears stole their main target, but there is an explanation for that Claypool chase He did not join the Packers this year.

The Steelers reason why they prefer the Bears over the Packers to trade Chase Claypool

Two weeks ago, when the trade rumors started, Claypool chase name revolves around Packers reception desk. The wide receiver was no longer comfortable in Pittsburgh and they tried to get the most out of it by moving to another team.

Aaron Rodgers several times asked for more goals for him. Although it appears his messages have been lost somewhere in the Packers front office, they are not. The team did everything to get it Claypool chasebut it was not the offer they sent to Steelers.

According to Dove Kleiman, an NFL insider, Green Bay offers a selection for the second round in 2023 for ClaypoolThe The same offer made by the bears. Unfortunately for the green and gold, the The Steelers think Chicago will have a better situation In the Next NFL Draft By finishing with a worse record than the Packers this year which is why they prefer them.

After they couldn’t sign Chase Claypool, it seems like free agency is the only way this can be done Aaron Rodgers It will get a new wide receiver this year. Odell Beckham Jr. He has also been linked to Green Bay recently and even the midfielder has spoken of the possibility of signing for Former Super Bowl Champion This is 2022.

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