The Spiritual Meaning Of The July 2022 New Moon


Calling all summer witches! One of the most wonderful times of the lunar year comes hot, and it is guaranteed to offer some sunshine-filled blessings that can help make your dreams come true. The new moon in July 2022 – which will take place on July 28 – is making some Auspicious planetary connections It will light up our hearts with good feelings and ignite the desire to chase our passion. Knowing the spiritual meaning of the July new moon can help you get the most out of it all The magic of appearance must submit.

New moons in astrology Always corresponding to the energy of new beginnings, this dark lunar phase is considered the reset point of the moon’s menstrual cycle. New moons happen when The sun and the moon Align at the same point in the zodiac. This alliance of stars can help us connect more easily with our intuitions, take the first steps towards our future goals, or give us a push to finally turn a new page. Because the new moon in July 2022 happens to strike with pride and Tombstone for, its spiritual meaning is about moving forward, forgetting our fears, and being ready to take on our strengths. It’s time to follow your heart toward new and exciting endeavors.

Read on to find out the spiritual meaning of the July new moon and get in touch with The most exciting lunar moon in summer.

What is the spiritual meaning of the new July moon?

Fierce, fiery and full of confidence, the July 2022 New Moon in Leo shifts our focus to manifesting every burning desire in our hearts. Leo energy He is all about passion, warmth, and positivity, and this stop sign isn’t afraid to steal the spotlight – so it’s time to let your goals take center stage. This lunar moment helps us do that The lion’s ownership channel that looks like a lion It embodies the finest and most beautiful versions of ourselves. whether you Hope to show romanceCareer success or creative inspiration, this is a very powerful opportunity to think beyond what you thought possible and move forward with complete confidence in your ability to achieve miraculous things.

Much of the magic contained within this moon can be attributed to triple fiery side Running between the sun and the moon in Leo and Jupiter in Aries. This connection serves as an explosive spark of good luck, injecting optimism and potential into all of our endeavors. Although new moons always support the initiation of new things, this moon is especially poised to set lofty intentions and perfect compromise when it comes to what we think we can achieve. Jupiter in astrology is all about expansion – Because it’s there now Fire sign AriesIt is even more daring and fearful of transcending the limitations of the past and accomplishing new things. Since it is connected to the new moon, it will give all signs of the zodiac a stronger sense of faith, hope and generosity.

In addition to the extreme mysticism of the truce of Jupiter’s new moon, we’ll also work with some steamy romantic energy: Sensual Venus You will make flirty sextile side with Sexual planet Mars At the time of this lunar month. This simple connection between the two planets of love bodes well for anyone who sets relationship intentions. Look for sparks flying between you and that special someone, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings or chase what you want.

How to work with the energy of the new moon for July

This midsummer lunar month is one of the most lunar events Perfect Moments of Expression In 2022, collect those crystals, candles, and intent lists, and get ready to make some magic. Leo energy wants to be the best and shine the brightest, this Fixed fire sign Willing to work hard to get to the top – yet Not It’s time to doubt your abilities or accept the hanging fruit. As you focus on what you want to achieve, whether the goals extend into the next month or next year, this moon reminds us of the importance of believing in our unlimited possibilities. If you had no restrictions at all, what would you want? Allow yourself to boldly claim your highest desires.

Liu Hu The signature that governs matters of the heart – which includes things that bring us joy and happiness, as well as everything that increases our passion. This makes the Leo New Moon a great time Cast a love spell to bring romance into your life or infuse more luck into your relationships. You can also compatible with The fire element dominates the lion By performing a candle ritual to help manifest abundance, sensuality, or success in any area of ​​your choosing. In addition, because Leo is associated with creativity And passion projects, this is an important time to reinforce intentions related to your hobbies, side business, or artistic endeavors. Channel this artistic inspiration to Create a vision board that can remind you of your ultimate goals And motivate you to keep working until you reach them. The sky is the limit, especially with such a lucky one on our part. Allowing Leo’s sense of self-confidence helps you fully shoot the stars.

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