The top 25 greatest Uruguayan players of all-time


It is very likely that there is no more romantic and proud history in football than the one it belongs to Uruguay. A country with a population of less than 3.2 million, Uruguay Produce some of the best soccer players to ever play the game.

Along the way Uruguay It was the first country to host world Cup and win it. Perhaps the small but mighty football nation’s greatest achievement was winning the 1950 World Cup against hosts Brazil 2-1 and producing the famous Maracanazo, which is arguably the biggest upset in the whole of the sport.

From Luis Suarez To Enzo Francescoliof two in Uruguay world CupTo 15 Copa Americas and an unforgettable life in the World Cup, Here are the 25 greatest Uruguayan footballers of all time.

*Note: Caps for current players until November 2022.

25. Paolo Monteiro

Some would argue why Paolo Monteiro is on this list, it is not easy to lead a national team with great pride through trying times and the former Juventus defender did. Monteiro was a strong defender and a real captain of La Celeste. During this period, which was considered the troubled times for modern Uruguayan football, Monteiro managed the team 61 times and played the 2002 World Cup.

24. Jose Bendepine

A striker of incredible quality, Jose Bendeben played his entire career at Penarol and scored 22 goals in 43 games for Uruguay from 1909 to 1922. Bendeben was a pioneer in establishing Uruguay as a world power in the early 20th century as he won 16 titles with the national team. Team.

23. Pedro Petroni

Known as the “gunner” for his incredible talent for scoring, Pedro Petroni won three major titles with Uruguay, Olympic gold medals in 1924, 1928, which were considered world titles at the time and the first FIFA World Cup in 1930.

22. Schubert Gambetta

A tough defender known for his time at Uruguay’s Nacional, Schubert Gambetta was a leader in defense as Uruguay won the 1950 World Cup on Brazilian soil. Schubert Gambetta was named to the 1950 All-Star Team.

21. Julio Montero Castillo

Paolo Montero’s father, Julio Montero Castillo was a staunch defender in a long-standing tradition of great defenders of the small country. While Uruguay at the time weren’t winning titles as they did in the past, Giulio Monteiro Castillo was a rock-star defender and fourth-placed finisher at the 1970 World Cup.

20. Oscar Migues

Oscar Meguez, Uruguay’s top scorer in the World Cup with 8 goals, was part of the 1950 and 1954 World Cups. Meguez played 39 matches for Uruguay and scored 27 goals.

19. Victor Esparago

One of the most decorated midfielders in Uruguayan history, Victor Esparrago played in three World Cups with La Celeste, 1966, 1970, and 1974.

18. Rodolfo Rodriguez

Goalkeeper Rodolfo Rodriguez was a big part of the Uruguay national team during the years 1976-1986, as he represented the country 79 times. Rodolfo Rodriguez played in two World Cups and won the fiftieth anniversary of the first World Cup, the 1980 World Cup, and the Copa América in 1983.

17. Carlos Aguilera

The skilled but undisciplined midfielder, Carlos Aguilera, played 64 matches for Uruguay and scored 22 goals. El Pato, as he was known, won the 1983 Copa America and also participated in the 1986 and 1990 World Cups. Aguilera was highly skilled but struggled with substance abuse problems.

16. Fernando Morena

Fernando Morena is considered by many to be the greatest player in Peñarol’s history and the Uruguayan league’s top scorer of all time. Morena also played in Spain for Valencia, but his reason for being on the list was 22 goals in 53 matches for the national team. Morena won the 1983 Copa America and played in the 1974 World Cup.

15. Pedro Rocha

Legendary striker Pedro Rocha is the only player to appear in four consecutive World Cups with the Uruguay national football team: 1962, 1966, 1970 and 1974. Rocha scored 17 goals in 52 matches and played in Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico. He’s another Peñarol legend who won 14 titles with the club.

14. Diego Godin

Diego Godin brings with him the long tradition of great Uruguayan leaders. A modern version of a leader in defence, Godin has played in La Liga, Serie A, Brazil and now in Argentina. One of the main elements of “El Proceso” coach Oscar Washington Tabarez, he has more than 150 matches with Uruguay.

13. Hector Castro

Hector Castro is the first player to score a goal in the World Cup for Uruguay in 1930. He was skilled and a killer in front of goal as he scored 18 goals in 25 matches. Castro at the age of 13 accidentally amputated his right forearm while using an electric saw, and he was nicknamed El manco (meaning ‘one arm’). Castro won the World Cup in 1930, a gold medal in the 1928 Olympics, and the America’s Cup twice.

12- Angel Romano

Prior to the 1930 World Cup, Angel Romano was the Uruguay-born winner. The striker scored 28 goals in 70 matches and won an astonishing 21 titles with Uruguay between official competitions and friendly cups.

11. Rocky Maspoli

Goalkeeper Roque Máspoli has been a legend in goal for Uruguay, having scored one goal in 40 international matches. Roque Máspoli was the primary goalkeeper for the famous 1950 World Cup and played for both Nacional and Peñarol.

10- Jose Nasazi

Regarded as a legend in South American football circles, Jose Nasazzi elegantly captained the Uruguay team that won their first-ever World Cup. Known as an elegant defender and an inspiring captain, the Nasazi legend has led to all the traits that every captain in the Uruguayan squad has had to maintain ever since.

9. Hector Scaroni

Hector Scaroni was a legendary goalscorer in South America, scoring more than 100 goals for Nacional, playing for Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Palermo. Scaroni scored 31 goals for the national team in 51 matches and won seven titles with Uruguay, including the 1930 World Cup. Scaroni owned Argentina and scored 13 goals against Albiceleste.

8. Juan Alberto Schiavino

One of the most elegant Uruguayan players of all time, Juan Alberto Schiaffino was a legend in Milan and was a huge part of Brazil’s upset at the 1950 World Cup, Juan Alberto Schiaffino played only 21 times for Uruguay and scored 9 goals, but the talent was unquestionable.

7. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz

Exciting goalkeeper Ladislao Mazurkiewicz played in three tournaments with La Celeste in 1966, 1970 (4th place) and 1974. Mazurkiewicz was named the best goalkeeper in the 70th World Cup in Mexico.

6. Enzo Francescoli

Elegant, dynamic and charismatic, Enzo Francescoli was a great creative force for Uruguay in his 73 caps and scored 17 goals. The “Prince” was able to win the America’s Cup three times in 1983, 1987 and 1995, as well as playing in the 1986 and 1990 World Cup finals. Francescoli is best known for his years at River Plate in Argentina where he was one of the club’s icons.

5. Edinson Cavani

Uruguay’s second-best scorer of all time with 58 goals in 133 international matches. Cavani was a hard worker with the team, often asked to come back and defend. Cavani played up front and on the wings as well as in defence. When the Valencia striker is now in his normal position, it is usually on the score sheet.

4. Alcides Ghiggia

The man who silenced the Maracana and made way for El Maracanazo. Ghiggia will score Uruguay’s goal in beating Brazil in one of the biggest upheaval in World Cup history. More than 180,000 people were shocked and in disbelief when Uruguay lifted the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

3. Diego Forlan

2010 World Cup player Diego Forlan was sensational in South Africa, as he led Uruguay to the semi-finals with key goals against South Africa and Ghana. Diego Forlan scored 33 goals in 112 games for La Celeste and was one of the most consistent players for over 10 years. Forlan also scored twice in the 2011 Copa America final to give Uruguay its fifteenth Copa America title.

2. Luis Suarez

There have been many great scorers who have played for Uruguay, but Luis Suarez is the whole group having become Uruguay’s all-time top scorer with 68 goals. Luis Suarez has played in major teams such as Ajax, Liverpool and Barcelona. He is currently in the Boys Club Nacional after fans created a hashtag to bring home their star student. Luis Suarez won the 2011 Copa América for Uruguay and scored 7 goals in the Uruguay World Cup.

1. Obdulio Varela

Uruguay’s captain at the 1950 World Cup, coined the phrase “los de afuera son de palo” meaning fans don’t count, when Uruguay was preparing to take to the pitch against Brazil in front of 180,000 fans. His legend has since grown and is considered the essence of Uruguay. Obdulio Varela is the player and captain that all Uruguayan footballers aspire to emulate with his leadership and legend.

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