‘The View’ host Joy Behar says GOP ‘can’t win’ because ‘demographics are changing’: ‘They have to cheat’


Joy Behar, presenter of “The View”, said on Wednesday that the Republican Party Unwinnable due to changing demographics and claiming that they “have to cheat” in order to win, while discussing a campaign on voter fraud in Florida.

“That’s what they’re doing now, the GOP. Because they can’t win and they know they can’t win because demographics are changing and the future isn’t the GOP, so they have to cheat.” Bihar claimed.

She complained that Republicans claim voter fraud is ubiquitous, adding, “We know it’s not true.”

“But they don’t care about that,” Behar said. “Then I set up a situation where you tell people a lie, like those people were told, they can vote when they really can’t. So they get the wrong information.”

Joy Behar said Wednesday during “The View” that the Republican Party needs to “cheat” to win due to changing demographics.
(Screenshot / ABC / TheView)

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The hosts discussed body cam footage Arrests made in Florida in August regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“In 2018, the resolution passed overwhelmingly in Florida that convicted offenders who have served their time can vote,” Houston said, noting that murderers and pedophiles were exceptions to the rule.

She said the rule was not “implemented” or “given to people at the polls”.

Behar went on to describe the “creation” of the Republican Party regarding his voter fraud arrest videos.

"the view" Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Houston and Anna Navarro (screenshot/ABC)

“The View” hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Houston and Anna Navarro (screenshot/ABC)
(ABC News / screenshot)

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The second step, Behar said, is to do the preparation where people vote fraudulently without their knowledge, which we have just seen, and then deny the validity of any elections you did not win.

She said Tuesday she found voters focus on the economy and inflation ‘sad and frustrated’ They said people do not understand the stakes of the midterm elections.

"the view" Joint host Joy Behar.

Joy Behar is the co-host of ‘The View’.
(Screenshot / ABC / TheView)


“Well, what’s so disappointing is that today The New York Times released a poll that says 70% of voters agree that democracy is under threat. But only 7% of voters consider the threat to democracy a major issue in this election cycle,” Behar said during Tuesday’s episode. “I find it so frustrating, I can’t begin to tell you.”

She added that it was “ridiculous” to think that the Republican Party would be able to mitigate inflation fears.

“They won’t help you, so why would you vote for them? However, I see it’s very close, and people don’t understand what the risks are. And I find it, I find it sad and frustrating,” she continued.

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