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Bachelor in Heaven continues its trajectory with the arrival of the seventh episode of season eight. Last week we saw new girls arriving on Paradise Island and a lot of drama ensued, so it was time to pick up the mess. Here, check out how to watch Monday’s broadcast.

Bachelor in Paradise 2022 season eight.
© Tweet embedBachelor in Paradise 2022 season eight.

new episode of Bachelor in Heaven It can mean one thing: more chaos, chaos, and a million love dramas. Not all couples He will leave Mexico In love and engaged, but she will leave empty handed And with a bitter taste in their mouths (or maybe not… who knows?).

According to Reality Steve, a couple will make it to the end of the season but will soon separate instead of leaving together or getting engaged. The predictions are already revealed and 4 of them will go far in crushing them. One of them would be Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin, although they wouldn’t get involved.

In this version, six couples will reach the conclusion of heaven and two of them will commit, two will leave the beach together without a commitment, and two will be separated. Theoretically and according to rumors, Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi They are the first to go their separate ways.

What is the date of Bachelor in Paradise?

Episode 7 of Bachelor in Paradise will air on Monday, October 24 at 8 p.m. ET until 10 p.m. on ABC and fuboTV. If you don’t have cable, the streaming service is an ideal option and offers a 7-day free trial. You can also replay episodes On Hulu the next day.

A few weeks ago, we saw how new participants joined the program and the women who had been there from the start weren’t quite as entertained. But this was so easily resolved, that they were sent to a hotel without men and there they talked about what they were doing.

As the episodes go by, we’ll see more and more problems with each other, couples getting together and who really has the power to make it to the final rungs of the show. over hereCheck out all the release dates for the next episodes, now through to the end.

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