Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers draw worrisome comment from Hall of Famer



Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have so far left much to be desired in the 2022 NFL season, as they both head into Week 8 with a losing record.

Aaron Rodgers (left) and Tom Brady.
© Douglas P. Devils/Getty ImagesAaron Rodgers (left) and Tom Brady.

For the first time, people started to wonder if Father Time had finally realized it Tom Brady And the Aaron Rodgers. The veteran sign callers seemed to have grown up like fine wine, but they were Struggling to perform this season.

with all of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers On a losing record (3-4) after seven weeks, Brady and Rodgers currently owns Lowest quarter of their career As beginners (Brady 53.2%, Rodgers 40.5%).

Furthermore, both seem frustrated with their current teams. Shortly after watching Brady yell at Boss’s offensive line, Rodgers called out his teammates for making “mental errors.” According to the Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt WarnerBoth look tired.

Hall of Famer thinks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are tired

“I think both guys look exhausted,” Warner told People magazine, via Fox News. It’s okay to go, you know what? It wasn’t like it used to be. I may not be what I used to be, or it’s generally very difficult to get everyone to level up. Maybe it’s time to leave.

It is not lost. This doesn’t mean you can’t do that anymore. I just think sometimes things outweigh the fun of the game, which seems to happen to these two guys and I feel like it.

“As I’ve been practicing for the past couple of years it’s become more and more prevalent, ‘Okay, this has taken a lot from me and it’s not just about enjoying the game anymore. “I mean, I’m looking at Tom Brady now, and that’s how I feel.”

Brady recently eviction All the rumors of retirement, while Rodgers Signed a long-term contract extension With the Packers this summer. Their play has fallen off lately, but they can still prove the skeptics wrong.

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