Tom Brady’s ‘distractions’ are hurting the Buccaneers, former Super Bowl MVP says



Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers of all time, but nowadays he has problems on the field. Now, the former Super Bowl MVP has spoken out about “distractors” because he thinks they’re hurting Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL 2022
© Grant Halverson / Getty ImagesTom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFL 2022

Where Tom Brady landed in Tampa BayHe made a huge difference to the team. Unfortunately, nowadays he is facing a lot of problems with the team and is now a former player The best player in the Super Bowl He said the “distractors” of the middle are detrimental to pirate Much.

The 2022 NFL season It wasn’t the best for pirate. Although they are at the top of the NFC South, T.Amba Bay has a losing record (3-4) and is not doing well.

And of course Tom Brady He is considered the main responsible for this situation. Now, former The best player in the Super Bowl He’s talked about it and thinks the midfielder’s distraction is painful Tampa Bay More than thought.

Phil Sims thinks Tom Brady has gotten too distracted this season

In almost every football team, if things go wrong, the center back is the main in charge. This idea grows if you are Tom BradyOne of the greatest players of all time.

after giving pirate Another Super Bowl title in his first season in Tampa BayThings are getting more complicated nowadays. The team is not doing very well and Some may think that Brady is the problem.

“The Distractions caused by him: Absenteeism for 10 days at training camp, what happened with the wedding is a distraction for the football team. This painful Phil Simsformer Super Bowl Champion and MVP He told Paramount +.

This season has been very different for Brady. He allegedly asked for some Additional benefits for non-retirees That included permissions not to participate in certain exercises. also attended Robert Kraft’s wedding during the 2022 NFL seasonsomething really weird about Tom’s career.

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