Tom Brady’s Ex posts cryptic quote about relationships amid the QB’s divorce rumors



Tom Brady is going through a tough year and it seems to be getting worse every week. Amidst his divorce rumors, his ex-girlfriend posted a mysterious quote about the relationships. Do you send a message to the midfielder?

Tom Brady - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - NFL 2022
© Grant Halverson / Getty ImagesTom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFL 2022

It’s not the best moment in Tom Brady life. Besides his footballing problems, 45 years Quarterback is said to be getting a divorce. Now, it looks like his ex-girlfriend has spoken out about the situation after she just posted an obscure quote about relationships.

The second semester of 2022 was awful Tom Brady. After deciding to return for the current NFL season, he had major problems at home with his team Gisele Bundchen’s wifeFinally, she expected to spend more time with her husband.

For this reason, it has been reported Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen She hired a divorce attorney to end their marriage. Following these rumors, the former quarterback’s girlfriend used her social media to send an encrypted message that could be addressed to pirate player.

Bridget Moynahan shares a mysterious message about the breakup amid rumors of Tom Brady’s divorce

Tom Brady The past seems to be reappearing. Bridget MoynahanHer ex-boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend, took to Instagram to post a very suspicious message that people think might be her ex-boyfriend.

“Not everything is supposed to fit,” Brigid Moynahan posted on Instagram. The quote from the Wizard of Family and Marriage Vienna Pharaoh. “Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes we have to learn to deal with gifts that are given through ruptures and ends rather than stories of mending and reconciliation.”

Of course, these quotes surprised everyone because they were posted at the exact same time Tom Brady Divorce rumors arose. She didn’t add anything else, but the midfielder’s fans think it might be a message to her ex.

Brady and Moynahan ended their relationship again in 2006, but a year later revealed she was pregnant and that TB12 was the father, so John Edward Thomas Moynahan He is the eldest son of a pirate quarterback.

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