Tottenham forward Son Heung-min linked to Liverpool: Other ‘betrayals’ in soccer



The Tottenham striker is said to be ready to move to Liverpool in the new year, and it will be one of the biggest shock moves and “betrayals” in recent memory.

Son Heung Min
© Photo by Julian Finney/Getty ImagesSon Heung Min

Son Heung Min reportedly wants to get out of Tottenham. The 30-year-old striker has played more than 300 matches for him Tottenham He scored 136 goals in all competitions.

According to Sport1, Liverpooland PSG and Real Madrid They are all interested in Hong Min, although it seems unlikely that he will sell Tottenham to their biggest rival. Heung-min played 12 games and scored 3 goals this season in the Premier League.

If Heung-min makes this move, it will be one of the biggest betrayals in the memory of modern football. Below are other stabbing incidents that occurred in football.

Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid

Luis Figo’s move from Barcelona to Real Madrid caused a sensation in the Catalan country. Figo was a great player for Barcelona, ​​but Real Madrid threw a bank in his face, and Barcelona sold Figo for 62 million euros. Figo received death threats to his home and a pig’s head was thrown onto the pitch when he went to take a corner at the Camp Nou in a Real Madrid shirt.

Mo Johnston from Celtic to Rangers

Mo Johnston played from 1984 to 87 with Celtic and after a while in France he played for Rangers from 1989-1991. Johnston received death threats and angry Celtic fans set his car on fire, and the future-wizard Kansas City was the second player to cross the old company since World War II.

Roberto Baggio from Fiorentina to Juventus

Roberto Baggio is loved by all of Italy, one of the greatest Italian footballers of all time, when Baggio moved from Fiorentina to Juventus, fans didn’t show their anger at Baggio, instead throwing stones and stones at the board members. Baggio did it not once but twice, moving from Milan to Inter Milan years later. But oh Baguio it’s Baguio.

Oscar Ruggeri from Boca Juniors to River Plate

Angry that he owed almost a year’s salary, Oscar Ruggeri moved from Boca Juniors, who was in a huge financial crisis, to River Plate in 1985. With River Oscar Ruggeri would win the Libertadores Cup, the Club World Cup and the South American Cup. Titles along with the Argentine League. La Doce, a group of famous Boca supporters, burns down the Ruggeri’s house, only to have Oscar demand a man-to-man fight against the La Doce leader. “El Abuelo”, the leader of La Doce, never appeared.

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