Tracking Santa: Planning visits to Roseville, Rocklin and Placer County


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Tracking down, Santa spotted his sleigh moving

Roseville, Calif. – Roseville Today operates a series of remote sensors and cameras at undisclosed locations near the North Pole. The latest flurry of activity indicates that Santa appears to be testing new sleigh equipment. Just last week, unusual sleigh tracks were spotted not far from what many suspected was one of Santa’s busiest workshop locations.

The bobsleigh runs are significantly different from previous years and point to faster performance and possibly some type of hybrid bearing technology according to initial reports. Radio intercepts also indicate that Santa may be planning to get to Roseville and Rocklin a little earlier on Christmas Eve. Babies may need to fall asleep a little more quickly on Christmas Eve.

Once Santa’s sleigh has received its latest Christmas modifications and software updates, it’ll be ready to fly. A big blizzard is expected around the North Pole on Christmas Eve at the same time Santa Claus is expected to leave.

Norad Tracker

Once Santa Claus flies and reaches height, NORAD Satellites begin to pick up the sled’s signal and can track his location and delivery.

With only weeks left until Christmas, the elves have been working around the clock while singing Christmas carols and drinking lots of hot chocolate. Mrs. Claus puts the finishing touches on the preparations while giving Santa extra reminders and instructions before it’s time to ride his sleigh and reindeer.

Santa arrives in Roseville and Rocklyn

Santa has already made stops in Rocklin, Roseville, and Lincoln as well as most of Northern California. The exact time of his arrival remains a closely guarded secret. Children are advised to listen to their parents and fall asleep in time for Santa’s visit.

NORAD Santa Tracker It will be available online on Christmas Eve at:

Merry Christmas!


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