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Peacock delves into the world of supernatural drama with YA vampire academy. Based on the six-book series of supernatural romance novels by Rachel Meade, vampire academy The film revolves around Rose Hathaway and Lisa Dragomir, two young women whose friendship remarkably transcends different social classes. Lisa is a powerful royal vampire, while Rose is a guardian half-vampire who has been trained to protect elites like Lisa. The series begins as they prepare to complete their education at Saint Vladimir’s Academy and enter the vampire high society. But along the way they get involved in forbidden romances and bump into the Strigoi – evil and dangerous vampires bent on turning Lisa into one of their own.

The team behind this series is no stranger to steamy melodramatic stories: the show is Vampire Diaries Julie Blake, co-creator, and collaborator originals Writer Margaret McIntyre to adapt the novel. “We took all the incredible inspiration from the Richelle Mead books — all of their rules, myths, and characters — and we embedded that into the vampire domination that we built from scratch,” Blake said. Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve never built a world this complex before. It was a million times harder than anything I’ve done.”

describing the story asBridgeton with vampires, “Blake said he certainly also contained some miserable vibes.” It really is the story of the beginning of the revolution,” Blake said Entertainment Weekly. “Amidst all the grandiose balls and royal intrigue, we say a hunger GamesA story that surprised us when we were breaking it down.

Here’s everything else to know about the highly anticipated vampire saga.

The vampire academy tractor

Peacock released a trailer for the series Thursday, July 21 at the San Diego Comic-Con panel. The trailer focuses on Rose and Lisa’s friendship and relationship, evoking the tense atmosphere surrounding them at St. Vladimir’s Academy.

The vampire academy release day

The series will premiere on September 15, 2022 on the NBC broadcast platform, Peacock. The first season will include 10 episodes of one hour each.

The vampire academy spit

The series features a large cast, with quite a few young and relatively newcomers.

The cast leads Sisi Stringer as Rose, a half-vampire and half-human named “Dhamber”. She has been described as fiery, outspoken and a true fighter. Stringer previously starred human kombat as such Melina.


Venezuelan actress Daniela Neves plays Lisa, better known as the “Royal Moroi” vampire. Lisa is the younger sister of the Queen’s apparent heir, which means she’s a princess. She is carefree, kind-hearted, and unconcerned with the politics of the court or an upper-class Moorish society. Nevis starred in Snow falls, save me, And the five points.


Kieron Moore from sex education He plays coach Dmitriy Belikov, known as the Dhampir Guardian model for being murderous, disciplined and fully committed to his role as Moroi’s bodyguard. Fans of the book also know that Dimitri is at the center of one of the most exciting romance novels.


Andre Dae Kim from lock and key He plays Christian Ozera, who is described as an intelligent and thoughtful Moroi vampire who is ostracized at school because his parents willingly turned into the Strigoi villain. Christian is the focus of the other romance in the book.

Other cast members include J. August Richards as Viktor Dashkov, a Moroi devoted to his husband, children, and entire community. Anita-Joy Uwajeh plays Tatiana Vogel, a Moroi vampire who is new to town and plays the coronation. Mia Mckenna-Bruce plays Mia Karp, a tough Saint Vladimir student who plans to climb her way to the top. Rhian Blundell plays Meredith Beckham, a Dhampir who is a passionate observer and strategist. Jonetta Kaiser plays Sonya Karp, a quiet and persistent character who is surprised when a boy named Mikhail shows interest in her. Andrew Liner plays Mason Ashford, a charming and popular student who rivals Rose to be the number one guard in training.

he is vampire academy scary?

vampire academy probably won’t be very It’s scary because it’s a young adult nickname. You will probably be on the same level of horror as The Vampire Diaries. “The Vampire Academy is about the different types of vampires,” Blake said. Entertainment Weekly. “There’s the royal, fancy and cloth napkin vampires, and then the Strigoi, who are a lot closer to what you’d expect of a feral, frenzied vampire from the original days. They lurk in the shadows, so there’s kind of a pretty big tone when it comes to Strigoi. There’s some candy. Gorgeous eyes of horror are on this show as well.”

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