Trump raid was Biden ‘metastasizing’ Nixon-Obama tact of targeting political enemies: Ted Cruz


The Nixon Administration Senator Ted Cruz said the Obama administration compiled a political “enemy list”, while the Obama administration oversaw the FBI’s Hurricane Project shootout against former President Donald Trump, but President Biden “spread” that tact through the Justice Department’s raid on Mar a lago.

In an interview aired Sunday on “Life, Freedom and Levine,” Cruz said to the host Mark Levine said Biden had brought the tactic of targeting political enemies with the power of the federal government to an unprecedented level.

The Democrats [have] They turned to the Ministry of Justice. They have turned the FBI, they have turned the intelligence community into political enforcers in a way that has never happened in the history of our country…in the 230 years of our nation’s history this has never happened.”

“We have never seen the Ministry of Justice raid the house of a former president. This is being done by a successor to the opposition political party.”

Former President Richard Nixon, heard by First Lady Pat Nixon and his daughter Tricia Nixon, bid farewell to family and staff in the East Room of the White House on August 9, 1974.

Biden’s Justice Department via the FBI raided Trump’s Palm Beach estate earlier in 2022, alleging the president illegally took classified documents with him when he left the White House.

Trump responded by criticizing the FBI’s politicization under Biden, citing in part a court case that denied National Archives officials access to former President Bill Clinton’s White House audio tapes stored amid his socks.

“[The raid and ensuing legal action] “It’s being done because they want to attack Donald Trump,” Cruz said. “And this was a hunting trip. Every former president had taken documents from his administration. Barack Obama did it. So did Bill Clinton. George W. Bush did it.”

Trump recently criticized both Presidents Bush over the dispute, with former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush deriding to Fox News, “Park in his heartIn response to a question about the 45th President’s remarks.

On March 11, 1989, a photograph of Donald Trump shaking hands with former President Richard Nixon at a ceremony honoring Nellie Connally at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas.

On March 11, 1989, a photograph of Donald Trump shaking hands with former President Richard Nixon at a ceremony honoring Nellie Connally at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas.

Speaking with Levin, Cruz said Biden’s lines of attack date back to the tactics of former President Richard Nixon, who enlisted White House counsel Charles Coulson to compile his “enemy list.”

Amid a guilty plea for obstruction of justice in the Watergate scandal, Nixon White House counsel John Dean has revealed the “enemy list” and payments made to intelligence officer E. Howard Hunt in connection with the infamous political heist.

Dean, who is now a staunch critic of Trump and has appeared on various news channels, recently reflected on the era, saying he was “honored” to present what he called Trump’s “enemy list” amid a Twitter brawl over the Russia investigation.

Dean described Nixon’s list of enemies as a way to “use the federal machinery available to suppress our political enemies” in a 1971 letter to Republican political activist Lawrence Higby.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Clinton.
(Reuters/Larry Downing)

Cruz said the actions of the Biden administration were as “corrupt” as those of the original list of enemies.

But, he added, in Nixon’s case, “the system worked.”

“They resisted and they said no,” he said – referring to the 1973 Saturday night massacre in which Attorney General Elliot Richardson, Representative William Ruckleshouse and Attorney General Robert Burke resigned rather than follow Nixon’s order to dismiss special prosecutor Archibald Cox.


“What Richard Nixon tried to do, Barack Obama succeeded in doing,” Cruz said. “And now under Joe Biden, it has spread, as institutional resistance to the Department of Justice and the FBI has been eliminated.”

“They put strong supporters in the upper professional levels in those institutions, and they now see themselves as thugs who were robbed for the DNC,” he said. “And this is not what the Department of Justice is supposed to be. This is not what the FBI is supposed to be.”

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