TUCKER CARLSON: Evan McMullin is a fraud — Utah voters should know what they’re voting for


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Perennial Washington seems to have always hated Donald Trump, but that’s not actually true. For years, Trump was considered a joke in Washington, a celebrity sideshow. People were happy to host him at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and that was true until the 2016 primaries. There were still many professional Republicans, people you wouldn’t expect, people like Bill Kristol, Joe Scarborough, people were making very positive votes about Donald Trump, Then it changed in an instant.

He changed hands on February 13 of that year at the Republican debate in Greenville, South Carolina. That’s when Donald Trump criticized the Iraq war: “Obviously the war in Iraq was a huge mistake,” he said, and of course at that point, it was definitely obvious it was a mistake, but it didn’t. It means you were allowed to admit that in Washington. It wasn’t.

Thousands of lobbyists, think tank analysts, and social media journalists owe their salaries and reputations to perpetuating the lie that American foreign policy was working, and all was well. Nobody really believes that. The evidence was very strong on the other side, but everyone had to say that. Several careers were at stake, and suddenly, there was Donald Trump refusing to play together, publicly giving the game on TV.

The reaction to this in the capital was violent and immediate. Donald Trump must be stopped. If Donald Trump was willing to criticize the Iraq war as a Republican, God knows what else he might say. The Never Trump movement that resulted from that year’s South Carolina debate, hence the beginning. That movement has continued to do all sorts of things, including sabotaging the rule of law in this country, as well as entire federal agencies, but one of its first endeavors has been a negligible spoiler campaign aimed at eliciting Trump’s votes in general. election.

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Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, left, and his independent challenger Evan McMullen shake hands after their televised debate, Monday, October 17, 2022, in Orem, Utah, three weeks before Election Day. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

A group of liberals in Washington formerly headed by Bill Kristol, recruited an old federal bureaucrat named Evan McMullin He persuaded him to run for president. McMullen didn’t look like a presidential candidate. He was 40 years old, never married and obviously very strange – very strange.

He had no problem raising money. There are plenty of liberals happy to write checks for him. The problem was the voters. They didn’t like Evan McMullen at all. By the end, he got half 1% of the total popular vote and zero electoral votes and was soon forgotten except on Wikipedia. However – and that’s the point – six years later, Evan McMullen is back in action. He’s running for the Utah Senate against incumbent Mike Lee and surprisingly he could win. He can already win.

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Now, if McMullen wins, his vote could give Democrats control of the US Senate. How did this happen? How was this possible? you wonder Does not make sense. Utah is a highly republican conservative state. Evan McMullen has the same politics and worldview as Pete Buttigieg. He is a liberal democrat.

Ah, but he’s not running as a Liberal Democrat and that’s the key to his success this year. Evan McMullen, instead, acts as an independent, and many voters seem to get the impression that he is indeed independent, but he is not. This is a lie, a transparent lie. Evan McMullen is almost as independent as Kamala Harris. He is much less independent than Ilhan Omar, for example. Evan McMullen is not independent at all. He is totally in control and always has been. McMullin even uses the Democratic Party’s fundraising platform, ActBlue.

His campaign paid nearly $2 million for Democratic advisory services in the past year alone. This will include Precision Strategies, which was co-founded by a Biden consultant. Other companies include Foundation Strategies, Blueprint Public Affairs, and KMM Strategies. These are all partisan companies of the Democratic Party. In politics, you choose a side in the advisers you hire, and Evan McMullen has chosen his side – the Democratic side.

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Not surprisingly, the dreaded Project Lincoln liberals who lie for a living are busy pretending that Evan McMullen isn’t one of them. Oh no. They write “Republicans”. “Evan McMullin truly represents your values.” really? What are these values? Does Evan McMullen oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants? Does he oppose race-obsessed teachers’ unions?

Do you even oppose Tony Fauci? No, of course not. Evan McMullen is fully involved in every anti-family scheme the Democratic Party has dreamed of over the past decade. As a loyal Mormon, he couldn’t even admit that Roe v. Wade was a bad decision. It is a neoliberal robot. There is nothing independent of it. Watch him read Democratic Party talking points, for example, about abortion.

Evan McCullin: I’m committed to the sanctity of life, but I think it means women’s lives, and that means unborn lives, of course, and it means life – children’s lives and I think we should take a more holistic approach to that.

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Independent US presidential candidate Evan McMullen speaks to his supporters at Brick House Cafe on November 5, 2016 in Cedar City, Utah.  McMullin organizes his campaign rallies in five small towns throughout southern Utah.  (Photo by George Fry/Getty Images)

Independent US presidential candidate Evan McMullen speaks to his supporters at Brick House Cafe on November 5, 2016 in Cedar City, Utah. McMullin organizes his campaign rallies in five small towns throughout southern Utah. (Photo by George Fry/Getty Images)
(Photo by George Fry/Getty Images)

Mahdi Hassan: But to be clear, are you not in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade anymore, as you did in 2016? I’m just trying to get clarity.

MCMULLIN: I don’t think this is the way forward in this country.

So, the retention of Roe v. Wade is the way forward for the country, but of course, Roe v. Wade, no matter what you think, dumps everything in amber in 1973 and imposes the most radical pro-abortion system out of the courts in all 50 states. So, of course, you can’t move forward under Roe v. Wade either way. Does not make sense. It is effectively pro-abortion. You don’t usually hear Mormons talk this way, and in fact, Evan McMullen, as you’ve just heard, suggest, wasn’t used to speaking that way. In fact, in 2016, he denounced Donald Trump, the man who would eventually eliminate Roe v. Wade, because he said Trump wasn’t pro-life enough. “I am the only pro-life candidate in the race,” McMullen wrote in 2016.

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Four years later, after Trump successfully appointed several pro-life justices to the Supreme Court who overturned Roe v. Wade, McMullen has made clear what he means by saying he is pro-life. It turns out that being pro-life has nothing to do with protecting children. Here’s what McMullen said: “You’re not pro-life if you can’t say ‘Black lives matter.'” “Oh, right. Black Lives Matter, which is an explicitly pro-choice organization. Are you following all of this? It doesn’t make sense. He’s a Liberal Democrat, and it would be a good thing if he ran as one. Utah voters should know what they’re voting for and he should be honest.” On his identity. If you pay any attention at all to McMullin’s last three years in “Public Life,” it’s pretty clear. In 2020, he endorsed Joe Biden because he cares about Republican values.

MCMULLIN: For many, choosing between these two Americas will require us to do something we’ve never done before: cross partisan lines to support a united presidential candidate for another party. I think Joe is patriotic and loyal to the Republic, which is why I plan to put the state over the party, and in November, I voted for Joe.

He’s putting the state over the party by voting for Joe Biden, who he’s never seen before in his entire life. After Biden endorsed a position (and again, a lot of people did. It’s okay. Don’t call him an independent), Evan McMullen didn’t act independently—on the contrary. He proceeded to convey his personal opinions directly from Karen Jean-Pierre and other geniuses in the White House Office of Public Relations. There is no dumb Democrat buzzword that he hasn’t used and then overused over and over again. We can give you a million examples. Here is one. Watch it accuse the “majority of House Republicans” of voting to repeal election Results.

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MCMULLIN: And then, to see that violence, that murderous rebellion that threatened our democracy and then watch a majority of House Republicans still vote to nullify the election results—all this just describes, of course, a diseased party that’s rotten to the core.

He is a contributor to MSNBC. I mean, that’s what it is, and if Utah voters want to elect one, they just have to elect Joey Reed. At least she’s not pretending to be something she’s not, and she’s also probably a little smarter than Evan McMullen. No one voted to overturn the election results, in fact, not a majority of House Republicans. What happened is that the Republicans did exactly what the Democrats did in 1969, in 2001, in 2005, in 2017. Republicans objected to the ratification of the results pending review. huh? This is what actually happened. We watched, but McMullen doesn’t mention 1969 or 2001 or 2005 or 2017 because he’s just repeating the talking points he gets from his Democratic therapist and he’s been doing so for years. Here millions of Republican voters are accusing racism.

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MCMULLIN: There is a taboo within the Republican Party about attacking racism in America, and I know that is the case, because when you do it as a conservative, you are attacked by elements within the party. There is a racist element in the Republican base.

Yes, there is a huge taboo in America against anti-racism. We organized the entire community on a bipartisan basis to oppose racism, but in a way, Evan McMullen is the only man brave enough to oppose racism in public. It is also against polio and car accidents. The man is a moron, but he is a liar.

There are a lot of fools in politics. Probably not the stupidest person in politics. Maze Hirono still serves in the Senate, but he’s a fraud. If he reminds you of anyone else, a guy who pretends to be a Republican so he can weaken his voters once he takes office, in fact, it sounds a bit like Mitt Romney, the other senator from Utah. In a recent discussion with Mike Lee, McMullen just came out and said it.


MCMULLIN: Senator Romney has worked hard and consistently for the past three years. I think it’s important to work with him Republicans and DemocratsSenator Lee, to file for Utah, voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill that she voted against.

Look, if Utah voters want to elect a Liberal Democrat, if they want to elect another Pete Buttigieg and if they think Pete Buttigieg’s politics or the politics of Evan McMullen represent the politics of the Utah families, do it, but don’t lie. Be transparent. He says who are you. You are a liberal democrat. This is it Update from Utah.

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