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CONCACAF Champions League

On Monday, 7 November, the draw for the CONCACAF Champions League, the highest team competition in CONCACAF, will take place. Here you can find out how to watch this drawing on TV or live stream it in your country.

CONCACAF Champions League Cup
© Azelle Rodriguez / Getty ImagesCONCACAF Champions League Cup

The highest team competition in CONCACAFThe CONCACAF Champions LeagueOn Monday, November 7th, you will get the lottery for what will be the 2023 edition. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this raffle, including how to watch it on TV or live in your country. In the United States you can watch it on FuboTV (Free Trial). over here You can check suitable package from FuboTV for you.

This will be the fifteenth edition of this competition under its current name, and the fifty-eighth edition of the main club football competition organized by it. CONCACAF. The current heroes are Seattle Sounderswhile the most successful are Americawith 7 editions (2 of them under the current name).

16 teams will participate in this edition, distributed as follows: North American region9 teams Central America منطقة6 teams Caribbean, one team. They will be divided into two pots: 8 out of 9 teams from North American region It will be in one of them. Tigres UANL It will be in the second bet with teams from Central America منطقة and the Caribbean.

CONCACAF Champions League Draw: kick-off time

The CONCACAF Champions League The draw will take place Monday, November 7 in Miami, Florida.

Argentina: 9:00 pm
Australia: 10:00 AM (8 November)
Bangladesh: 6:00 AM (8 November)
Belgium: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Brazil: 9:00 pm
Cameroon: 3:00 AM (8 November)
Canada: 7:00 PM (EST)
Costa Rica: 6:00 pm
Croatia: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Denmark: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Ecuador: 7:00 pm
Egypt: 2:00 AM (8 November)
France: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Germany: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Ghana: 12:00 AM (8 November)
India: 5:30 a.m. (8 November)
Indonesia: 7:00 AM (8 November)
Iran: 3:30 a.m. (8 November)
Ireland: 12:00 AM (8 November)
Israel: 2:00 AM (8 November)
Italia: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Jamaica: 7:00 pm
Japan: 9:00 AM (8 November)
Kenya: 3:00 AM (8 November)
Malaysia: 8:00 AM (8 November)
Mexico: 6:00 pm
Morocco: 12:00 AM (8 November)
Holland: 1:00 AM (8 November)
New Zealand: 12:00 PM (8 November)
Nigeria: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Norway: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Poland: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Portugal: 12:00 AM (8 November)
Qatar: 3:00 AM (8 November)
Kingdom Saudi Arabia: 3:00 AM (8 November)
Senegal: 12:00 AM (8 November)
Serbia: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Singapore: 8:00 AM (8 November)
South Africa: 1:00 AM (8 November)
South Korea: 9:00 AM (8 November)
Spain: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Sweden: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Switzerland: 1:00 AM (8 November)
Tanzania: 3:00 AM (8 November)
Trinidad and Tobago: 20:00
Tunisia: 12:00 AM (8 November)
Uganda: 3:00 AM (8 November)
The United Arab Emirates: 2:00 AM (8 November)
United kingdom: 12:00 AM (8 November)
United State: 7:00 PM (Eastern time)

CONCACAF Champions League Draw: TV channel and live broadcast

Mexico: Fox Sports Mexico
Central America: ESPN
The Caribbean: ESPN
South america: ESPN
United State: FuboTV (Free Trial)TUDN, ViX
Other regions: The official Concacaf app

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