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Augsburg will have the tough task of facing Bayern on Wednesday at the WWK Arena at the 2022-2023 DFB Pokal. Check out how to watch this match on TV or live in your country.

Joshua Kimmish is a staple of Julian Nagelsmann
© Alexander Hasenstein / Getty ImagesJoshua Kimmish is a staple of Julian Nagelsmann

Midweek in Germany is the time for Round 32 in 2022-2023 DFB Pokal. In this case, there will be an unequal clash between the powerful Bayern and humble Augsburg Wednesday at the WWK Arena. Read together to find out how to watch it on TV or live in your country.

Augsburg starts out as a severe underdog to advance into the lottery. Their season so far has been more than acceptable. The main task for them is to stay in Bundesliga. This means 12th place in the ranking looks more than good. Not being able to win the last two games wasn’t ideal, but this is a elimination game where anything can happen.

Instead, Bayern Munich appears as an obvious candidate. Although their season may be Some bad offersthey were able to find the right path quickly. Julian NagelsmannHis team scored 20 goals in the last five games In all competitions, you will try to keep going. However, one bad play could lead to their overthrow as there is no retaliation in DFB Pokal.

Augsburg vs Bayern: kick-off time

Augsburg will host Bayern in the Round of 32 at the 2022-2023 DFB Pokal on Wednesday, October 19th at the WWK Arena.

Argentina: 3:45 pm
Australia: 5:45 AM (October 20)
Bangladesh: 00:45 AM (October 20)
Belgium: 8:45 pm
Brazil: 3:45 pm
Cameroon: 7:45 pm
Canada: 2:45 pm
Costa Rica: 12:45 pm
Croatia: 8:45 pm
Denmark: 8:45 pm
Ecuador: 1:45 pm
Egypt: 8:45 pm
France: 8:45 pm
Germany: 8:45 pm
Ghana: 6:45 pm
India: 00:15 AM (October 20)
Indonesia: 02:45 AM (October 20)
Iran: 10:15 pm
Ireland: 7:45 pm
Israel: 9:45 pm
Italia: 8:45 pm
Jamaica: 1:45 pm
Japan: 3:45 AM (October 20)
Kenya: 9:45 pm
Malaysia: 2:45 AM (October 20)
Mexico: 1:45 pm
Morocco: 7:45 pm
Holland: 8:45 pm
New Zealand: 7:45 AM (October 20)
Nigeria: 7:45 pm
Norway: 8:45 pm
Poland: 8:45 pm
Portugal: 7:45 pm
Qatar: 9:45 pm
Kingdom Saudi Arabia: 9:45 pm
Senegal: 6:45 pm
Serbia: 8:45 pm
Singapore: 2:45 AM (October 20)
South Africa: 8:45 pm
South Korea: 3:45 am
Spain: 8:45 pm
Sweden: 8:45 pm
Switzerland: 8:45 pm
Tanzania: 9:45 pm
Trinidad and Tobago: 2:45 pm
Tunisia: 7:45 pm
Uganda: 9:45 pm
The United Arab Emirates: 10:45 PM
United kingdom: 7:45 pm
United State: 2:45 p.m. (Eastern time)

Augsburg vs Bayern: TV channel and live broadcast

Argentina: ESPN3 Argentina, Star +
Australia: Optus Sport
Belgium: Play Sports, Eleven Sports 1 Belgium
Brazil: ESPN4, Star +, NOW NET e Claro
Cameroon: StarTimes App
Canada: dazn
Costa Rica: Star+, ESPN 4 Norte
Croatia: Arena Sport 2 Croatia
Ecuador: ESPN 4 Sur, Star +
France: to liberate
Germany: Sky Sport 2 / HD, ZDF, WOW, Sky Sport Top Event, Sky Sport Mix, Sky Sport UHD, Sky Go
Ghana: StarTimes app, Sporty TV
Israel: Sports 4
Japan: dazn
Kenya: StarTimes app, Sporty TV
Mexico: ESPN2 Mexico, Star +
Holland: Ziggo Sport Racing, Ziggo Sport Select, Ziggo Sport 14
Nigeria: Sports TV, StarTimes app
Poland: Eleven Sports 1 Poland
Portugal: Eleven Sports 5 Portugal
Serbia: Arena Sport 6 Serbia
South Africa: Sports TV, StarTimes app
Switzerland: Sky Sports Top Event
Tanzania: Sports TV, StarTimes app
Uganda: Sports TV, StarTimes app
United State: ESPN +

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