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Trofeo de Campiones

He will face Boca Juniors Racing Club in what will be the Trofeo de Campiones final. Here you can learn how to watch this game on TV or live stream for free in your country.

Luis Vazquez of Boca Juniors fights for the ball with Jonathan Galvan of Racing Club
© Marcelo Indelli / Getty ImagesLuis Vazquez of Boca Juniors fights for the ball with Jonathan Galvan of Racing Club

Boca Juniors And the Racing Club They will face each other in the final match of Trofeo de Campiones 2022. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this game, including how to watch it on TV or live in your country. In the United States, you can enjoy this game through Fantasy Worldwide (except Argentina and Brazil).

The final will be facing the champion 2022 Argentine LeagueThe Spanish League Cup The team that scored the most points in the year. a racewho got the most points, had to play a previous match against Spanish League Cup Champions, tigrewhich they beat 3-2 to reach the final Boca Juniors.

The “Xeneizes” They were declared champions in the final round of 2022 Argentine League After two intense matches. With the win it was enough for them to be champions, but they drew 2-2 against them Independent. This forced their competitors, River Platewin or draw a race. GallardoHis team finally won, which is why they declared themselves champions eligible to play this cup as well.

Boca Juniors vs Racing Club: kick-off time

Boca Juniors will play against Racing Club In the final match of the Trofeo de campeones 2022, on Sunday 6 November in La Pedrera Stadium At Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina.

Argentina: 5:00 pm
Australia: 6:00 AM (November 7th)
Bangladesh: 2:00 AM (November 7)
Belgium: 9:00 pm
Brazil: 5:00 pm
Cameroon: 9:00 pm
Canada: 3:00 PM (EST)
Costa Rica: 02:00
Croatia: 9:00 pm
Denmark: 9:00 pm
Ecuador: 3 o’clock
Egypt: 10:00 pm
France: 9:00 pm
Germany: 9:00 pm
Ghana: 20:00
India: 1:30 a.m. (November 7)
Indonesia: 3:00 AM (November 7)
Iran: 11:30 pm
Ireland: 20:00
Israel: 10:00 pm
Italia: 9:00 pm
Jamaica: 3 o’clock
Japan: 5:00 AM (November 7)
Kenya: 11:00 PM
Malaysia: 4:00 AM (November 7)
Mexico: 02:00
Morocco: 20:00
Holland: 9:00 pm
New Zealand: 8:00 AM (November 7)
Nigeria: 9:00 pm
Norway: 9:00 pm
Poland: 9:00 pm
Portugal: 20:00
Qatar: 11:00 PM
Kingdom Saudi Arabia: 11:00 PM
Senegal: 20:00
Serbia: 9:00 pm
Singapore: 4:00 AM (November 7)
South Africa: 11:00 PM
South Korea: 5:00 AM (November 7)
Spain: 9:00 pm
Sweden: 9:00 pm
Switzerland: 9:00 pm
Tanzania: 11:00 PM
Trinidad and Tobago: 4:00 pm
Tunisia: 20:00
Uganda: 11:00 PM
The United Arab Emirates: 10:00 pm
United kingdom: 20:00
United State: 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time)

Boca Juniors vs Racing Club: TV channel and live broadcast

Argentina: ESPN Premium and TNT Sport
South america: ESPN (except Argentina and Brazil)
Latin American: star +
rest of the world: Fantasy (except Argentina and Brazil)

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