Twitch opens Guest Star up so anyone can run their own talk show now • TechCrunch


With the launch of its biggest product in years, Twitch is betting on a near future for the platform that features more dynamic chats, expanding its current focus beyond mostly solo broadcasts. Through a new tool called Guest Star, which was launched in a Limited beta earlier this yearLive streamers can now attract other creators and fans to their streams for a talk show-like experience.

Guest Star allows anyone to drag up to five speakers to the broadcast at once. Content creators can host and manage guests from Twitch Studio and OBS, the streaming software of choice for many of the most advanced app creators. Guest Star can be enabled through the Creator Dashboard where it is now available to everyone.

With Guest Star, live broadcasters can invite guests directly or click on chat members to join. Viewers in the chat can also request to appear in the broadcast, which provides another way for content creators to motivate and reward their supporters. Going to someone else’s stream only requires clicking a popup notification and guests can join with either video or audio only, a setting that the host can select and toggle on and off.

Moderation tools give hosts a few ways to manage what guests are doing, including controlling volume levels, disabling video as mentioned, and eventually giving them a boot if they misbehave. Twitch’s suspicious user detection feature adds a layer of security for hosts looking to select chat members to bring into the stream. As an added layer of security, only phone-verified Twitch users can appear as guests, and a digital “background” area allows for ground rules and coordination by

Twitch sees the Guest Star as a natural progression of the success seen in the “Just Chatting” category, which has exploded since 2020. Comparing the first five months of 2022 to the first half of that year, the hours watched in this category rose to 151% and creator revenue grew. Content in Just Chatting is 169%.

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