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The company said late Thursday that Twitter has canceled its Chirp developer conference amid a management transition. After Elon Musk took over the company last month, there have been several executive exits and directional changes to the company’s product strategy. So it’s no surprise that the social network abandoned its plan for a conference comeback after more than a decade of hiatus.

In a tweet, the official Twitter account for developer-related announcements said the company is “working hard to make Twitter better for everyone, including developers” and may soon share some news about it.

Amir Shivat, the company’s head of product development, did not provide any details on why the conference was canceled, only tweeting “winds of change” in response.

In June, Twitter led by Parag Agarwal announced that It’s bringing back the Chirp conference in November. The company also opened Developer Contest To show creative use cases of the new API v2 at prices like $10,000 to winners of different categories and free enterprise level access to the API for a year. She said that while the conference will no longer be held, the social network will still announce Contest winner.

Twitter first Chirp held in 2010 But he abandoned the event the following year. While the statute uphill Link With developers in the past decade, it has been trying to win back the community new programs And the API update. Moreover, the company opened its doors API access for academic researchers last year.

Earlier this year, he For the first time a program called Twitter Toolbox, which highlighted some third-party applications. At the time, Shivat also said that the company was open to exploring models such as Twitter App Store.

Last week, Twitter opened up New message routing endpoints with v2 API It enables third-party apps to offer better DM experience to users.

It’s unclear what Twitter would look like for developers in the Musk era. Tesla’s CEO has given Twitter hints of engineering leadership several times, so developers hope they can get better access to the company’s tools.

There will be questions about what will happen to products like Tweetdeck. company Testing of a new version began last year Hoping to make it a paid product. Earlier this year, his findings Application researcher Jane Manchun Wong suggest it Twitter may grant access to Tweetdeck Through Twitter Blue. but since the musk Subscription fix In a massive way, there is no way to be sure that Tweetdeck will have a place there.

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