Two NBA Champions drop hard truth about Russell Westbrook’s situation



The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a rough start to the 2022-23 NBA season. So the easy target to blame was Russell Westbrook, so these two NBA champions have something to say about this situation.

Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers
© Catelyn Mulcahy / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers

beginning of 2022-2023 NBA season It couldn’t be worse for Los Angeles Lakers. Two consecutive losses with teams competing for the championship like Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippersand a last minute loss for Portland Trail Blazers He went over the heads of Lakers fans with ease. So, the responsible player is Russell WestbrookBecause of his poor performance in those games.

As well as his bold statements after those performances. That’s why rumors spread about him trading away as quickly as possible again as they did all over the its season. even so, LeBron James He had a great response to a question about his teammate’s performance.

However, in the midst of heated debates over who is to blame for the Lakers’ disastrous performance, Two former NBA champions He came out to speak the truth Russell Westbrook put. In fact, one of them shared a locker room with him, and the other knows how hard it is to deal with a bad season after a breakout.

Lakers News: Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett drop the hard truth about Russell Westbrook’s situation

Kendrick Perkins He was too harsh to talk about Russell Westbrook In addition to his position within Los Angeles Lakers locker room. His former teammate didn’t leave anything aside to throw the truth bomb at Take the first offer After scoring 0-3 with Lakers At the beginning 2022-2023 NBA season.

“Ross’ behavior became cancerous to the team, and we heard Darvin Hamm talking about it. Do you know why he (Darvin Hamm) said about people with their feelings? Because when Russell Westbrook was on the bench, he was swept. He was complaining. He was chirping. He was saying little things under his breath. Now all of a sudden, what are you doing now? You know what you’re doing? You send him home. You send him home, . said One-time NBA champion.

On the other hand, former Boston Celtics champion Kevin Garnett supported the team One time MVP award winner. “Westbrook seems to have been checked all the way through. I think Charles Barkley said it best, I love Russell (Westbrook), when he gets carried away and screams. He did this thing right before the game, that’s love, that’s passion, that’s basketball. “I will pray for him, man. Ross, man, hold your head, man. I know how this can be, man. It’s a long year. Whatever you have to do, man, find your love, find your passion.”

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