Tyler Herro warns Miami, throws shade at other NBA players



Tyler Herro is coming off a great season but is now entering a defining year in his career. The goalkeeper is entering the final year of his contract with the rookie, and it remains to be seen if the Miami Heat offer him a maximum extension.

Tyler Hero.
© Michael Reeves / Getty ImagesTyler Hero.

proverbs Jimmy Butler or Pam Adebayo He got a lot of credit for the heatBack last season, but Tyler Hero was too Main shareholder off the bench. In fact, his impressive performance earned him Sixth player of the year.

It was definitely a comeback campaign for Hero, who struggled in his second year. Currently, Miami He has a big decision to make Regarding the young guard. The privilege has Until October 17 to agree to extend With Herro, whose deal with the Apprentice expires at the end of the season.

Otherwise, it could enter the open market next summer. Herro is eligible for $188 million for five years, but it’s not clear if The Heat would be willing to offer such a deal. Recently, he Open up about his future.

NBA news: Tyler warns Hero Heat he wants game time, lucrative contract

“I mean, at this point, I don’t really care,” Tell Hero Anthony Chiang from Miami Herald About mentioning it in virtual deals during the vacation period. Then Herro The team sent two warnings.

“I can trade or stay here, I don’t care” He said he wanted play time. “I just want to play. I want to play my game, have fun and want to be wanted. Wherever they want me, I want to be. “

Hiro explained that I like to stay in Miami, But not at any cost. For Herro, there Other players in the NBA Make crazy money there He doesn’t deserve it like he does. So it is Willing to demand what he thinks he deserves.

“I want to be here. I want to be in Miami. But I’m in no hurry to sign anything,Hero . has been added. “It must have meaning for me and my family. I just won’t sign anything. I see the market, I see what men charge and I know my value. So I’m looking for the right number. “

It’s definitely a decision the front office will have to consider carefully, and they still have a few more weeks to make. Herro is ready to ask for his money, and The Heat must find a way up A deal that benefits both parties.

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