Uganda Ebola outbreak eclipses 100 cases, WHO’s warning for Kampala


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Today the Ugandan Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Oseru, made the following announcement: “35 days since the outbreak was declared. 109 confirmed with EbolaAmong them, 30 died34 were treated and 45 are under treatment.


Regarding the 14 confirmed cases in the capital, Kampala, World Health Organization Notes: Kampala is the capital of Uganda with an estimated population of 4 million, with a density of 21,032 hectares/sq km. Therefore, if the situation was out of control, it would become extremely disastrous.

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Response interventions must be implemented quickly to control the disease. Fortunately, all identified cases have been in contact with known SVD cases and have already been isolated since they were identified as contacts. Kampala is very close to an international airport and not far from the shores of Lake Victoria, which forms part of the borders with Kenya and Tanzania. And therefore, The risk of international spread of the disease must be considered.

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